Obama’s Fall Flu Shot

Kimberly Kindy and Ceci Connolly
The Washington Post
May 6, 2009

The Obama administration is considering an unprecedented fall vaccination campaign that could entail giving Americans three flu shots — one to combat annual seasonal influenza and two targeted at the new swine flu virus spreading across the globe.

If enacted, the multibillion-dollar effort would represent the first time that top federal health officials have asked Americans to get more than one flu vaccine in a year, raising serious challenges concerning production, distribution and the ability to track potentially severe side effects.

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Vaccine Mercury Brain Degeneration

Evidence “Swine Flu” a Lab Creation

Los Angeles, CA— Skyrocketing stock values of Novavax, Inc., (1) precipitated by dozens of flu deaths in Mexico, implicates a leading Anglo-American network of genetic engineers in a conspiracy to commit genocide, according to a Harvard trained expert in emerging diseases, Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

Dr. James S. Robertson, England’s leading bioengineer of flu viruses for the vaccine industry, and avid promoter of U.S. Government funding for lucrative “biodefense” contracts, along with collaborators at the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), helped Novavax, Inc., in Bethesda, Maryland, produce genetically-modified recombinants of the avian, swine, and Spanish flu viruses, H5N1 and H1N1, nearly identical to the unprecedented Mexican virus that has now spread to the United States. The outbreak was precisely timed to promote the company’s new research and huge vaccine stockpiling contracts, according to Dr. Horowitz.(2)

Scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are implicated through collaborations and publications involving private contracts with Novavax, a company that obtains its “biosimulars” through CDC Influenza Branch director, Ruben O. Donis, and Dr. Rick Bright, previously working with Donis at the CDC, now Novavax’s Vice President of Global Influenza Programs.

Evidence for the conspiracy to commit deadly duplicity in the vaccine industry includes the genetic markers on the novel flu virus now spreading from Mexico to America. The virus is “genetically different from the fully human H1N1 seasonal influenza virus that has been circulating globally for the past few years,” according to Reuters and government officials. “The new flu virus contains DNA typical to avian, swine and human viruses, including elements from European and Asian swine viruses.”(3)

“That is a description that is pathognomonic, or diagnostic, of a virus that came from Robertson’s circle of friends,” Dr. Horowitz claims. “No other group in the world takes H5N1 Asian flu infected chickens, brings them to Europe, extracts their DNA, combines their proteins with H1N1 viruses from the 1918 Spanish flu isolate, additionally mixes in swine flu genes from pigs, then ‘reverse engineers’ them to infect humans. The end product that Reuter’s describes could only end up in Mexico via the United States from Britain in care of the CDC. Ruben Donis at the CDC had to have sent them to Novavax, where Rick Bright’s team is now implicated in a conspiracy to commit genocide—the mass killing of people for profit.” KEEP READING

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Dr. Henry Niman Google Maps Swine Flu

Dr. Henry Niman, a biomedical researcher in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, expects the flu cases to drop off over the summer but then to return with a vengeance come next flu season. This prediction, that the worst is yet to come, has been echoed by many including Janet Napolitano. Comments like this from Homeland Security has lead some to ask if this was a “beta test” for a NorthCom takeover?

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“In 1918, the Spanish flu showed a surge in the spring and then disappeared in the summer months, only to return in the autumn of 1918 with a vengeance,” WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl. “And we know that that eventually killed 40 million to 50 million people.”

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