Pastor Anderson and The Phoenix Revolution Protest Border Patrol Checkpoints

In yet another nightmarish “can’t happen here” scenario, American citizens are being stopped as far as 100 miles in from the border, being forced into warrantless searches, forced to present their government identification for inspection and recorded for 15 years. The Customs and Border Protection may stop Americans for any reason at the sole discretion of DHS agents. Resistance will most likely end up with you being added to yet another vague boogey-man watch list.

Click here to see a map illustrating the so-called “Constitution Free Zone.” Using 2007 Census Bureau numbers the ACLU has calculated that nearly 2 in 3 Americans live within this 100 mile swath.
This past Memorial Day, just weeks after Pastor Steven Anderson was beaten and tazed by Border Patrol in Arizona, he and a small group of people headed to a border checkpoint with the intent to hold up signs and protest the unconstitutionality of such checkpoints. The following video is the footage of the confrontation between Pastor Anderson and the Border Patrol security officers.