“Is Swine Flu a Bio-Weapon” (wrong question)

Recently I read this statement: “I can’t believe people keep on saying that this strain of flu is man-made and is some sort of plan to depopulate the world. Scientists for the past 20 years have been saying we are long overdue for a pandemic. It was bound to happen at some point and is purely the doing of mother nature.” The following is my reply:

Yes, scientists say the world is overdue for a pandemic. While this is a true statement (some scientist do make that claim), it may or may not be an accurate statement. Either way, it is not a good argument against the idea this virus could be man-made. These are not mutually exclusive ideas. Both could be true (and both could be false).

What the statement does reveal, however, is the consensus reality. Many people believe what they have been told, namely that mankind is “over-due” for a MEGA DEATH pandemic. Ask yourself, if a criminal group had a “weaponized virus” (and the motive) would they use the people’s belief (consensus reality) as a cover? Of course they would!

Let say martial law is declared and people are expecting the pandemic to result in MEGA DEATH, but only a few people actually die and martial law is lifted after a few weeks…. what would the general reaction be? Most people would praise the government as their savior and think they just dodged a bullet even as a police state noose is pulled firmly around their collective necks. The people will say, “Oh, that wasn’t so bad, it only lasted a few weeks.” In this way, the people have effectively been trained to accept the merger of local police with the Federal government, central planning, and the erosion of liberty.

Let’s say I agree this is NOT a weaponized virus. It could still be used LIKE a weapon in that the (natural and predicted) crisis is being exploited for political reasons. In this sense every crisis IS a weapon, just as Rahm Emanuel said, “… never lets a a good crisis go to waste.” I think this is yet another example of what Naomi Klein called “disaster capitalism” (albeit beyond the scope what she wrote about in The Shock Doctrine).

What about all those other pandemics? Were they man made too?
If not, why are so many people so sure this one is?

In the last swine flu outbreak (of 1976) the vaccine was the real killer. Was the vaccine made made? Yes, and we have Donald Rumsfeld to thank for that one (google it). It is also interesting to note the outbreak started on a military base after a forced vaccination of soldiers. Some claim this was also true for the Spanish Flu in 1918.

A lot of people are saying it’s possible that both in the past and now again, a virus concocted in a lab has been dispatched with the intention of creating a pandemic. If you’re intellectually honest, you must admit that this is possible (even if you think it unlikely).

I must point out, there is historic precedence that would tend to support the idea a virus could be manipulated for this purpose. For instance, in 2006 investigators discovered that a major pharmaceutical company knowingly dumped HIV-tainted drugs for hemophiliacs onto European, Asian and Latin American markets. Then there is the more recent Baxter case.

Back in 1976 Dr. Ron Paul said the ‘swine flu’ scare was over-blown and he was proven right. Dr. Paul has made similar statements about the current crisis, but I think even he would agree this the threat to our liberty is a many times greater than it was in 1976.

Why? Because this time the globalist are making their move to consolidate power. We are facing a criminal banker elite who are pushing hard to create a new world order (i.e., a global system governance, that will centralize power and create a new reserve currency for the whole world). Under these conditions, a pandemic (or mere fear of pandemic) can be used to further their agenda.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you believe 9/11 was an inside job or not. Nor does it matter if you think the derivatives bubble was a planned demolition of our economy. Nor does it matter if you believe this “swine flu” is a manufactured bio-weapon. These are all moot questions when you look at the big picture. The questions we should be asking are, 1) “How will event X help the globalist push forward their agenda?” and, 2) “How will that impact my freedom and the liberty of future generations?”


One thought on ““Is Swine Flu a Bio-Weapon” (wrong question)

  1. it is a dangerous disease because it’s transmited by droplet infection .also it’s cause by virus.

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