Flu Pandemic 1918: A Map of the Mortality Rate


The chart below shows the number of deaths each week during the 1918-1919 global flu pandemic for New York, London, Paris and Berlin. Click on the chart for a clearer view. The chart comes from the Wikipedia article on the subject, which is a decent intro.

Many are extremely skeptical of the media coverage of the current outbreak. After 40 years of being lied to by the corporate media I share that skepticism. There is no question that the outbreak – real or contrived – can be used to strengthen government tyranny and divert attention from what is really going on.

At the same time, don’t allow your skepticism of the media to dismiss the threat outright. Though we tend to forget it, we humans are also part of nature, and history hath shewn that the human species gets a culling by Mother Nature from time to time.

The chart above is instructive because it shows that the outbreak can bump along for months at a relatively stable rate, then shoot up dramatically, as it did in the fall of 1918. Imagine 3-4 months of breathless daily news, the likes of what we’re getting now at Panic Central. It is stressful and it can wear you down. Be sure to take care of yourself. Eat properly, rest, relax, wash your hands turn off the news and don’t over worry yourself! That is a sure way to an early grave. You’re going to be fine.

As the Wikipedia article states, Even in areas where mortality was low, those incapacitated by the illness were often so numerous as to bring much of everyday life to a stop. So even if you don’t get the flu, and if you do, you don’t die from it (odds are on your side that you won’t!), there will be other complications to deal with.

There’s no need to panic – there is still time to stock up on food & supplies, but don’t wait forever.


2 thoughts on “Flu Pandemic 1918: A Map of the Mortality Rate

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