Main Core: A List Of Millions Of Americans That Will Be Subject To Detention During Martial Law

Michael Snyder has provided details on Main Core, a list of some 8 million or more names compiled by the CIA and U.S. intelligence. The individuals on the Main Core list, he writes, will be rounded up after the Constitution is suspended and and martial law imposed.

Are you on the list? Are you one of the millions of Americans that have been designated a threat to national security by the U.S. government? Will you be subject to detention when martial law is imposed during a major national emergency? As you will see below, there is actually a list that contains the names of at least 8 million Americans known as Main Core that the U.S. intelligence community has been compiling since the 1980s. A recent article on Washington’s Blog quoted a couple of old magazine articles that mentioned this program, and I was intrigued because I didn’t know what it was. So I decided to look into Main Core, and what I found out was absolutely stunning – especially in light of what Edward Snowden has just revealed to the world. It turns out that the U.S. government is not just gathering information on all of us. The truth is that the U.S. government has used this information to create a list of threats to national security that the government would potentially watch, question or even detain during a national crisis. If you have ever been publicly critical of the government, there is a very good chance that you are on that list.

Main Core is not a secret. Snyder points to a Wikipedia entry describing the database:

Main Core is the code name of a database maintained since the 1980s by the federal government of the United States. Main Core contains personal and financial data of millions of U.S. citizens believed to be threats to national security. The data, which comes from the NSA, FBI, CIA, and other sources, is collected and stored without warrants or court orders. The database’s name derives from the fact that it contains “copies of the ‘main core’ or essence of each item of intelligence information on Americans produced by the FBI and the other agencies of the U.S. intelligence community.”

Senator Feinstein, Rep. Mike Rogers and the apologists for high-tech tyranny insist the NSA’s Prism and and Boundless Informant are about protecting us from terrorists. If you are a student of history, however, you will realize this is nonsense. If you know anything about Continuity of Government measures implemented following September 11, 2001 and earlier programs like Rex 84 andOperation Garden Plot, you already have a sneaking suspicion the NSA’s massive surveillance operation has nothing to do with al-Qaeda. It’s about collecting data on American citizens, specifically the eight or so million compiled in the Main Core database.

Following Edward Snowden’s revelations on the NSA, Washington’s Blog posted a quote from investigative journalist Christopher Ketcham, who wrote five years ago that our private information

…seems to be fair game for collection without a warrant: the e-mail addresses you send to and receive from, and the subject lines of those messages; the phone numbers you dial, the numbers that dial in to your line, and the durations of the calls; the Internet sites you visit and the keywords in your Web searches; the destinations of the airline tickets you buy; the amounts and locations of your ATM withdrawals; and the goods and services you purchase on credit cards. All of this information is archived on government supercomputers and, according to sources, also fed into the Main Core database.

Ketcham of Radar Magazine arrived at the following conclusion, well before the New York Times and the rest of the corporate media reported the latest revelation about the NSA and peddled the lame excuse that it is all about saving us from stereotypical Muslim terrorists who hate us for our freedom:

There exists a database of Americans, who, often for the slightest and most trivial reason, are considered unfriendly, and who, in a time of panic, might be incarcerated. The database can identify and locate perceived “enemies of the state” almost instantaneously. He and other sources tell Radar that the database is sometimes referred to by the code name Main Core. One knowledgeable source claims that 8 million Americans are now listed in Main Core as potentially suspect. In the event of a national emergency, these people could be subject to everything from heightened surveillance and tracking to direct questioning and possibly even detention.

Te NSA’s Prism and Boundless Informant represent only the latest details of a story stretching back decades. The national security state has spent years and expended billions of dollars in a coordinated effort to categorize and monitor enemies of the state.

“Investigations this past winter by groups such as the ACLU and some media outlets have revealed numerous occasions of FBI, Defense Department, and local police infiltration and monitoring of domestic peace groups,” Andy Dunn wrote in March, 2006. “Further, some of the details surrounding the NSA program and other surveillance operations point to a new paradigm in intelligence operations, which involve massive ‘datamining’ reminiscent of the government’s supposedly shelved Total Information Awareness program.”

Dunn notes that the state, beginning with the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, has consistently spied upon and regularly persecuted a large number of official political enemies, an effort that realized its nadir with the FBI’s COINTELPRO beginning in the 1960s, a counter intelligence program consisting of illegal, violent and unethical tactics designed to stifle legitimate political activism in the United States. Evidence reveals that COINTELPRO was not dismantled, as the FBI and the government maintained, but was continued.

“Additionally, the now huge ‘national security state’ of dozens of federal and military intelligence agencies conducted similar acts, sometimes coordinated with and sometimes competing against COINTELPRO,” Dunn writes. “The names of these operations sound like something from a 1960s spy show, like ‘The Man From Uncle’: Operation CHAOS, Projects RESISTANCE, MERRIMAC, MINARET, and SHAMROCK.”

Of course, the establishment media fails to draw the correct conclusion when it purports to cover the NSA surveillance program. Instead of national security state bureaucrats gone wild in a zealous drive to ferret out al-Qaeda and other bad guys, the massive NSA surveillance program is about discovering domestic enemies of the state that will be dealt with after martial law is declared under the ruse of a false flag attack or a catastrophic natural emergency.

FEMA Censors Information About Bizarre ‘Zombie UFO Crash’ Exercise

FEMA zombieSpeculation has raged about why the federal government and the military is really training to fight “zombies,” with some concerned that the drills are a way to desensitize troops against killing or subduing large numbers of people during an emergency or extreme civil unrest.

David Lory VanDerBeek, who is running for Governor in Nevada in 2014, recently posted a screenshot from the FEMA website of a supposed Zombie UFO Crash Disaster full-scale exercise drill planned for April 27th, 2013. On his website, Mr. VanDerBeek posted his article about the bizarre exercise, then he claimed that FEMA pulled the page down and replaced it with a statement that the information is now “only available to coalition members.” This set the conspiracy websites ablaze.

How odd is that? Turns out this isn’t a joke at all, but actually killing the undead has become a new fad where the military. Information pertaining to a bizarre FEMA exercise based around a fictional “zombie UFO crash” in Idaho has indeed been censored after criticism that the drill was a waste of money.

FEMA’s Zombie Apocalypse. 

The exercise, scheduled to take place on the 27th of April in the city of Moscow, Latah County, will involve all first responders in the county as well as surrounding counties, in addition to Community Emergency Response Teams under the auspices of FEMA.

The drill will be centered around “2 scenarios: mass casualty and a rope rescue,” and will include a total of 100 participants.

David Lorry Vanderbeek, contacted Latah County CERT representative Sandy Collins asking for more information on the drill, but received no response. “Do the leaders of our nation believe in UFOs and zombies really?” asked Vanderbeek. “If so, what is their proof? They must have proof in order to spend money on drills? If they have proof, they must provide it to the general public? What is the threat? How imminent is it?” After Vanderbeek published an article on the issue, FEMA scrubbed details of the exercise from their website, although it was saved in the screenshots that can be viewed below.

This is not the first time that the federal government has invoked zombies as part of its preparedness programs. In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) produced material based around fictional zombie attack, noting, “If you are generally well equipped to deal with a zombie apocalypse you will be prepared for a hurricane, pandemic, earthquake, or terrorist attack.”

In September 2012, the Department of Homeland Security got in on the act, calling for citizens to be prepared for a zombie apocalypse, an approach DHS officials said was a good way of encouraging Americans to prepare for natural disasters, pandemics or terrorist attacks.

In October last year, US Marines and Navy special-operations forces took part in a DHS drill on an island off the coast of San Diego based around the premise of a zombie invasion. The exercise was also attended by former Central Intelligence Agency director Michael Hayden.

The exercise involved 1,000 US military personnel, police and other officials repelling a “zombie apocalypse,” which officials claimed was a “whimsical” spin on a standard anti-terror drill.

Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tom Coburn later criticized the event as a waste of money, noting that it did “little to discourage potential terrorists.”



This flu seems to be engineered

The flu seems to be weaponized/engineered. Four different strains don’t naturally mutate together. Imagine a human-horse-rabbit-pig. Though, much more complicated we are still talking about genes coming together. The odds of four different gentic codes combining perfectly to create a living, effective flu like this is beyond statistically possible naturally. It has to be engineered. Here is the scary part, being engineered, it will most likely do what it was engineered to do. And that is kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Only four days ago CNN reported: Army: 3 vials of virus samples missing from Maryland facility. Could this be the source of the “new strain?” If so, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that deadly flu viruses have been concocted in labs and then dispatched with the intention of creating a pandemic. Case and point: Baxter: Product contained live bird flu virus. In the Baxter case, Czech newspapers questioned if the shocking discovery of vaccines contaminated with the deadly avian flu virus which were distributed to 18 countries by the American company were part of a conspiracy to provoke a pandemic. (source). Now we learn that the same Illinois-based company is now working on vaccine to stop the current swine flu outbreak in Mexico.

In 2006 it was revealed that Bayer Corporation had discovered that their injection drug, which was used by hemophiliacs, was contaminated with the HIV virus. Internal documents prove that after they positively knew that the drug was contaminated, they took it off the U.S. market only to dump it on the European, Asian and Latin American markets, knowingly exposing thousands, most of them children, to the live HIV virus.

The documents show that the FDA colluded with Bayer to cover-up the scandal and allowed the deadly drug to be distributed globally. No Bayer executives ever faced arrest or prosecution in the United States.

In the UK, a 2007 outbreak of foot and mouth disease that put Britain on high alert has been originated from a government laboratory which is shared with an American pharmaceutical company, mirroring the deadly outbreak of 2001, which was also deliberately released. (source)

To learn more, listen to this audio recording of a recent radio show that makes the case this is “new strain” of flu is man-made advanced bio-war weapon that “excaped” from the lab. Below is a YouTube video which broke the story that FEMA has been making preparation for mass vaccinations several months ago, not just in Chicago, but nationwide.

Glenn Beck Fails Miserably To Debunk Facts On FEMA Camp Infrastructure

Beck and his so called independent researcher James Meigs debunked claims that no serious researchers are actually citing as proof of FEMA camps. Clearly, Beck and Meigs are conspiracy theorists because they willifully refuse to address several key facts that reveal how there is infrastructure already in place that the government could use to house large numbers of American citizens.  Beck and Meigs selectively chose information that fit the phony world view that they are trying to promote and brainwash people with. 

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In both segments on the FEMA camp issue Beck and Meigs do not address the following facts.


The Miami Herald and other publications in 1987 reported on continuity of government plans that included the creation of FEMA run detention facilities.

(Source) (Source)The Miami Herald report was mentioned during the Iran-Contra hearings when Congressman Jack Brooks questioned Oliver North about his involvement in continuity of government operations.

(Source)George W. Bush signed legislation preserving Japanese internment camps that were used during World War II to house thousands of Japanese Americans.

(Source)Halliburton signed a multi-million dollar contract with the government to build detention facilities under the guise of housing illegal aliens. 

(Source)HR 645 otherwise known as the National Emergency Centers Act would legalize and authorize pre-existing infrastructure to be used as FEMA camps. It would also allow new infrastructure to be built on open or closed military bases to be used as so called national emergency facilities. 


Army Regulation 210-35 or the Army’s Civilian Inmate Labor Program is readily available on the Army’s web site in PDF format. The regulation outlines drafted plans to setup forced labor camps for civilian prisoners.

(Source)FEMA has openly announced that they are looking at ways to transport large quantities of people via train which is the same mode of transportation used by the Nazis to transport Jews and dissidents to concentration camps during World War II.

(Source)If either Beck or Meigs were legitimate researchers, they would have at least addressed these issues and attempted to debunk them. Of course, there was no such attempt by either Beck or Meigs to do this and even more curious is that Beck didn’t even give real FEMA camp researchers the time of day on the show. This completely discredits Fox’s claim of Fair and Balanced news coverage as these segments were totally one sided and as unbalanced as they come.

Meigs himself who is the Editor and Chief of Popular Mechanics was selected a few years back to debunk credible research that has been done on the 9/11 attacks that clearly indicate that the official story is a lie. Just like he did with the FEMA camps, Meigs and his cronies selectively handpicked information that fit in with their world view and ignored all of the credible evidence that destroys the official story. Simply put, Meigs has no credibility and the fact that Beck called this man an independent researcher is a complete joke.

All the evidence indicates that the infrastructure for government run detention facilities are in place and with HR 645, they want to expand it. If Beck and Meigs actually told the truth about 9/11 or the FEMA camps they would be in the unemployment lines. After all, Beck doesn’t get paid millions of dollars to tell the truth, he gets paid millions of dollars to not tell the truth. 


More information:

Here is AlexJones’s rebuttal to Glenn’s Fema camp “debunking”

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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Part 7:


During the Iran Contra hearings in the 1980s, the existence of a plan called Readiness Exercise 84 (Rex 84) was revealed. Rex 84 outlined a plan for concentration camps which would be placed under the operational control of FEMA should martial law need to be implemented. It is a matter of public record that a number of these concentration camps do exist.

Mass Graves for U.S. Citizens

A usually quiet U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Cemetery, has been unusually active lately. The National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona is a beautiful 225 acre facility located in Phoenix.


For the past 30-45 days in the early hours of the morning until sunset, a massive construction operation has been underway. Major amounts of earth have been excavated out about 9-10 feet deep and 600-1000 feet wide. There is multiple locations on the property like this. From the satellite view there appears to be more sections that have been covered with the concrete lids and backfilled to look as if nothing is there. ABC rock is put in place under the burial vaults for good drainage and solid bedding. This will help not contaminate ground water sources from decomposition of human bodies.

The cleanliness of the heavy equipment operation and the large perfect cuts of earth is impressive. These Massive concrete boxes are transported from a nearby storage yard on various privately owned flatbed semi-trucks, then unloaded and put into place a half mile away at the actual mass grave site. They are installed tight together side by side with no space in between.

An interview was conducted between my friend and a truck driver involved in this operation. After beating around the bush for ten minutes, the driver admitted “ I got paid a whole lot of money to speak good english.” Take it for what it’s worth but that sounds suspect. The truck driver also admitted “Each burial vault holds four caskets.” 
I took note that if caskets were not used you could fit 40 bodies or more in each one.

So if these were to hold four troops each and the truck driver did know what he was talking about; this would mean that there are plans in advance for over 4000 U.S. soldiers deaths.

If these are not to contain caskets and only bodies are inserted there could be room for over 40,000 civilians bodies.

See additional photos: photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4.






Editor’s note: On February 11, 2009, D. H. Williams, writing for the Daily Newscaster, reported on the revelations of an Indiana county municipal official in the vicinity of Chicago who revealed how FEMA and DHS were attempting to prepare “county officials to prepare a Hazard Mitigation Plan to deal with flooding, fires, high winds and tornadoes. FEMA inquired to where mass graves could be placed in the county and would they accept bodies from elsewhere,” writes Williams.

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