Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act.

Tennessee has joined Montana in sending the federal government a loud message — hands off our guns. These new laws, currently under consideration in both Montana and Tennessee, say if firearms are manufactured and sold inside their respective states (and do not cross state lines), then federal gun law would not apply.

Bill Would Prevent Feds from Regulating Firearms in TN

State soveriegnty is the only way to defeat this progression toward New World Order which wants to impost ‘World Law’ on the American people. Guns and privacy are good places from which to start as “We The People” say NO to New World Order and begin to RECLAIM our liberty by demanding our Government obey the Constitution.

Judge Napolitano Joins Glenn and discuss Montana states rights legislation. Utah’s Carl Wimmer and Texas Leo Berman announce similar legislation in their states. Aired: 05-07-09

I’m moving to Montana