Bizarre “Freemason” Rant on House Floor

A stenographer staged a bizarre performance on the House floor near the end of the debt ceiling vote last night, ranting about Freemasons before she was quickly dragged away by security guards.

Moments before House members passed a bill to raise the debt ceiling, a woman later identified as stenographer Diane Reidy approached the microphone at the Speaker’s Lobby in a trance-like state and began to shout.

“He will not be mocked, don’t touch me, he will not be mocked,” Reidy ranted, adding, “The greatest deception here is this is not one nation under God, it never was.”

Officials begin to remove Reidy as she screamed, “It never was, had it been, it would not have been….the Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons, they go against God, you cannot serve two masters.”

“Praise be God, Lord Jesus Christ,” she added.

Reidy also reportedly said “A House divided cannot stand — you are all sons of the devil!”

According to Rep. Joaquin Castro, the woman “had a crazed look” on her face. “It was very disturbing for the members of Congress,” he said.

“I had passed her obviously all the time on the House floor, and she smiled a few times, she seemed nice, and according to other members who have been around longer, she seemed nice,” Castro told reporters.

According to the Washington Post, House floor staff were “visibly shaken” by the incident and police are currently investigating the matter.

“I think there’s a lot of sympathy, because something clearly happened there,” said Rep. Gerry Connolly.

What makes the incident even more strange is that Reidy is not someone who showed up on the job recently, she has been working as an official stenographer with the Office of the Clerk for over 20 years.

One thought on “Bizarre “Freemason” Rant on House Floor

  1. Did you know there was an anti-Freemason party in this country at one time. The Anti-Masonic Party (also known as the Anti-Masonic Movement) was the first “third party” in the United States. Funny how people can graduate from college and not know this… talk about an Orwellian memory hole.

    May people watch this 45 sec rant and think, “OMG, this woman is crazy.” Perhaps she is, however she isn’t wrong about her view of history. America was never a Christian nation, she got that right. Bible based Christianity was not what the Founders of this nation believed in. They were Deists who did not believe in the virgin birth, divinity, or resurrection of Jesus, the miracles of the Bible, or even the divine inspiration of the Bible.

    Actually, I don’t believe in these things either, but that is beside the point. My point is American pluralism is a product of the age of reason, not Christian faith. The fact is that those who think our Founders were “Christian” are wrong. These men understood that the goal of Freemasonry was to create a New World Order without God. To change America from a nation lead by Bible believing Christians into a secular society let by men of science and reason, and they planned to do this while they themselves claimed to be Christian. Those who doubt this should watch this film:

    America’s Founders were men of the Enlightenment, they held to different philosophy altogether… while Thomas Paine and Adam Weishaupt (founder of the Order of Illuminati) were openly hostile toward any Bible based beliefs. Men like Jefferson and Washington were more diplomatic in what they said publicly. However, from the very start, there was been “a conspiracy of ideas” among these men in government against the Juedo/Christian God. That same philosophic bent continues to this day and is well financed by men like David Rockefeller and the NGO’s he established.

    Pardon me, while I share my own rant….

    While I find myself outside the Christian faith, I also can clearly see how this movement toward a New World Order is being pushed forward by dark forces hostile toward all things good. I may not believe in Satan, but I clearly see way so many do… While I do not accept church dogma…. I do fear this banker financed New World Order without God (or faith based principles) more I fear living under Sharia law or a Christian Theocracy. Is the later even remotely propable? No, it is not. Therefore, the real threat today is a New World Order first dreamt of by 18th century Mason Adam Weishaupt.

    I fear the democide of the 20th century (260+ million) is a trend that could repeat itself in the 21st century… not because nations war with each other nations, but because they don’t…. or can’t….. the Fabian socialist like H.G. Wells deamt of a League of Nations to end war and they have worked hard to achieve their goal. In 1928 Wells called int the “Open Conspiracy” (and so it remains). Look were we are today. The Fabian goal has largely been achieved, but war continues.

    What if war really did cease, would the domocide cease? I doubt it. If a central government of the whole world were powerful enough to end all wars, I would expect it to quickly turn to eugenics policy and start murdering people in the name of socialist healthcare. Honestly, I fear a technological tyranny far greater then Orwell’s 1984 is already upon us…. mankind will soon be more hopeless enslaved than at any other time in history, not by ignorance or religion, but by one high-tech global government that evolved out of Adam Weishaupt Freemasonary and American exceptionalism.

    The only way I see to turn this around is to decentralize everything, starting with money. If enough alternative currencies like Bitcoin grow in popularity, there is a outside chance that the current internationalist banking elite could loose their cartel power over the money of the world. Failing this, I fear the world is headed toward a very bad place.

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