Lesson 6 – Brightening The Future

Renaissance 2.0 (Follow The Money)

Lesson 6 – Introduces the concept of the monetary vortex, how it’s driven by debt, how it controls everything in our system, including inflation and deflation. It also covers the role derivatives play and addresses how sovereign money breaks the power of the vortex.

As we approach the end of post-Enlightenment rationalism, we could go one of two very different ways. We could either see the next Dark Ages or enter Renaissance 2.0. That depends largely on you. Which will you choose? Will you be active? If you remain passive, we will likely see the dark version of the future. A new renaissance depends upon the enlightenment of individuals from the bottom-up. If individuals remain passive, then top-down forces will determine the future, and top-down power is the very definition of darkness. From the perspective of reason and rationalism, those with top-down power are only concerned with keeping their power. So controlling everyone else is the answer to the problem facing them. That may be reasonable from their perspective, but from the perspective of everyone else, it is called tyranny.

The good news is with new math-based currencies (like Bitcoin) we at the bottom of the power structure can now begin to operate outside the system and ignore the tyranny as we allow it to collapse under its own weight.


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