Oath Keepers Founder Targeted in Attempted Set Up

Unknown assailant impersonated Stewart Rhodes in an e-mail with child pornography attachment.

Pretending to be Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, an unknown assailant sent a child pornography e-mail to People Against the NDAA (PANDAA) founder Dan Johnson in a failed attempt to frame both Rhodes and Johnson for felony charges.

The impersonator used a tormail.org anonymous e-mail account with ‘Stewart Rhodes’ listed as the sender name and even included Rhodes’ signature block.

Johnson, however, knew that Rhodes did not use Tor e-mail and did not open the attached PDFs.

PANDAA’s Internet security expert determined that the PDFs contained child pornography.

“Someone was trying to get Dan to open up these PDFs and download child pornography onto his computer,” Rhodes said. “That was a direct attack on him but also an attack on me because it purported to be from me.”

“It had my name embedded and Oath Keepers name embedded in the files.”

Rhodes said that this attempted framing of him and Johnson is part of a continuing scheme to try and set up freedom activists with felonies.

As we recently reported earlier this month, Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change received an anonymous e-mail from someone claiming to be a Bilderberg insider with attached photos from this year’s meeting inside the Grove Hotel.

The photos also turned out to be child pornography.

After Rudkowski went public, he had a follow-up exchange with the unknown, alleged assailants who admitted they were trying to set him up as well as other activists.

Rhodes and Johnson are both working together on anti-NDAA legislation intended to completely nullify the unconstitutional law.

Oath Keepers is a non-partisan organization of current and former first responders and military veterans who have pledged to uphold the Constitution and to not obey unconstitutional orders given by predatory government officials.

The organization is well-known in the liberty community for their Push Cards, wallet-sized cards that emphasize ten unconstitutional orders that oath keepers will not obey, such as “We will NOT obey orders to disarm the American people” and “We will NOT obey any orders to confiscate the property of the American people, including food and other essential supplies.”

Constitutionalists routinely ask first responders and veterans seeking public office if they are oath keepers.

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