Video Tutorial on Pidder (setting up a wallet and a “DropBox”)

Do you forget passwords? I do. Do you have more than one eBay account? I do, and this is why I need Pidder…. and maybe you do too. Here is brief video Tutorial on Pidder that I created last night (my 1st ever) and I hope you find it helpful.

As seen on – UnSpy – For Liberty!

This how to video explains how to set-up Pidder wallets, and now to use the Pidder encrypted “dropbox” feature.

Pidder accepts Bitcoin donations here:

The vision

With pidder (private identities demand encrypted resources) we want to offer a service that makes it easy for everyone

  • to protect your data using strong encryption,
  • to build a private Social Network in which you stay in control of your own data and only share it with those you deliberately choose,
  • to also delete your data permanently if you so choose,
  • to use pseudonyms and be able to build a reputation with them and keep them free from being compromised,
  • to use as many strong passwords as needed and thus to better protect both your own data and the data shared with you.

In the long run, we envision pidder as a building block within a global infrastructure that will provide user-centric identity management. Every user will be able to gracefully manage in every given situation what information they wish to reveal about themselves adequate to the respective interaction.

See more at:

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