Bitcoin, Free Speech, Illegal Numbers & Artificial Intelligence

When two people decide among themselves to exchange bitcoin (for any reason) how is this not protect as free speech? Answer, because some numbers (or strings of code can be made illegal).

Wait a minute, who has the power to say certain speech (numbers, or strings of code) are illegal? Well, government of course. Hold up, who accepts this false authority? Answer, those who submit to censorship do so believing that others should as well… it starts with things like copyright law, but it leads us down the path to where companies endup owning your DNA code. Is this where we want to go?

Should all just accept censorship (example, copyright law) for the greater good? This is basically the belief that government is needed to ensure human civilization, and without this “authority” mankind can not move forward or prosper. Those who hold this view place the individual below the collective, and they allow the most organized and powerful cliques within that collective to dictate policy to the rest of us… this is the role of a child to his or her parent… this has been accept status-quo for a long time, but as technology advances we are approaching an Omega Point where an Artificial Intelligence become the finial authority in all such matters. If left unchecked this AI will control money, control governments, and control you.


Free speech is an individual right, when you remove or limit this right, you grant power over the individual by some external authority, often a for-profit corporation. This is the “system” people rebeld against in the 60’s but what we see coming into view now is an Artificial Intelligence System (AIS). Mankind now faces a choice: either we allow free speech (and allow bitcoin to be protected as free speech) or we become slaves to the emerging AIS by way of a controlled money system which does not value the individual human being.

In a recent 10-minute speech, the Pope said, “Countries should impose more control over their economies” and not allow “absolute autonomy”, in order to provide “for the common good”. While that sounds good, and I’m sure this little man in the funny hat had good intentions, he doesn’t understand what he is actually calling for. More power in the hands of government is not the solution to the problem, it is only make the problem far, far worse. If left unchecked, the AIS we are creating now will become far more evil than the corrupt system we have now.

The Pope was correct when he identified the problem, he said the policies and actions of our current money system (what I call the growing AIS) stem from a “gravely deficient human perspective, which reduces man to one of his needs alone, namely, consumption” and I would add, disregards his individual rights, such the right to free speech. He went on to say, we have begun a “culture of disposal, [where] human beings themselves are nowadays considered as consumer goods which can be used and thrown away.”

I agree this is a problem, but why is it a problem? Because human being have value and the AI system that rules over us doesn’t understand that value. Our world system is run by corporations which reflect the greed of their creators. So one might say we already have an early form of Artificial Intelligence running the world today, and we have crated this monster in our image and according to our likeness. Over time the “sinful nature” of this monstrous AIS is only going to become uglier and still uglier unless we change its programming… how how can do that without first changing our own?

I think we have only a small window of opportunity to stop this evil money system that I call the emerging AIS. Again, I say thank goodness for bitcoin, for without it, it is hard for me to see a bright future for humanity.


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