Amputee Actors and Navy SEALs Spotted at Boston Marathon

Savvy Internet sleuths have found images taken from surveillance cameras of members of the crowd gathered at the Boston Marathon that appear to identify Navy SEALs wearing suspicious backpacks, and appear to be taking part in a drill.

For comparison, below are a few photos of late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. Note the skull logo on his baseball cap, his pants and his boots:


Now look at the individuals spotted wearing backpacks, a similar cap, and similar pants (and boots) at the Boston Marathon:

A video on Youtube also appears to capture a member wearing similar garb walking around the marathon post-explosion with something that looks like a detonator, but in actuality could be a radiation detector.

The reason this is important is because the Boston Police Commissioner is on record stating that they had “no specific intelligence” that there was a drill, while University of Mobile coach and marathon participant Alastair Stevenson has publicly stated that there was announcements telling people to stay calm and not be alarmed because beefed-up security was part of a “training exercise.”

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2 thoughts on “Amputee Actors and Navy SEALs Spotted at Boston Marathon

  1. The Department of Homeland Security has gone public with an admission that an exercise was planned months before the Boston Marathon bombings that involved backpacks being used to detonate explosives by rogue terrorists.

    According to the DHS documents acquired by the Boston Globe, the agents were planning on conducting training exercises centered around a fictitious terrorist group called ‘Free America Citizens’, a group that would plant backpacks full of explosives around Boston that the detectives would be forced to track down. Ultimately, of course, this ended up happening at the Boston Marathon itself with precise accuracy. The Globe report reads that “the city was hit with a real terrorist attack executed in a frighteningly similar fashion.”

    This explains a lot. They had to come out and say this after all the photos of the questionable scenarios went viral. This explains why the director of FEMA was on site and giving orders. This explains why windows that were not broken out from the bomb show up broken later. There was a drill there. It just accidentally happened when real bombs went off…I guess….So there WAS fake blood and actors on the scene. That is what they do at these drills.

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