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FORBES: 3D-Printable Gun Project Announces Plans For A For-Profit Search Engine Startup

Andy Greenberg, Forbes Staff
3/11/2013 @ 10:56AM |8,028 views

For the last six months, Cody Wilson and his non-profit group Defense Distributed have worked towards a controversial goal: To make as many firearm components as possible into 3D-printable, downloadable files. Now they’re seeking to make those files searchable, too–and to make a profit while they’re at it.

In a talk at the South By Southwest conference in Austin, Texas Monday afternoon, Wilson plans to announce a new, for-profit spinoff of his gun-printing project that will serve as both a repository and search engine for CAD files aimed at allowing anyone to 3D-print gun parts in their own garage. Wilson says the startup, hosted at, will be a redesigned version of a website Defense Distributed already maintains at for uncensored printable gun component files. But Defcad, which launches next month, will also host its own search engine for all types of 3D printable files, displaying search results as rotatable and zoomable three-dimensional models on a single page.

Wilson says that the search startup plans to index all types of 3D-printable files–not just the firearm parts that have made his group the black sheep of the 3D printing community. But he hopes that Defcad’s track record of hosting models for some of the most controversial objects on the Internet will demonstrate to users that its search results won’t censor any blueprints, even ones for objects as politically incendiary as deadly weapons.

The Verge: Search engine for 3D printed gun parts launches in a month, promises Defense Distributed

By Carl Franzen on March 11, 2013 01:05 pm Email @carlfranzen

A new search engine for 3D printed gun parts and other patented objects is coming within a month, according to Austin-based organization Defense Distributed. The upcoming “” is set to be a new, improved version of of the organization’s current 3D file catalog, It will host paid advertising alongside search results to help pay for the organization’s growth, as founder Cody Wilson explained in an interview with Forbes’ Andy Greenberg. Wilson, a 24-year-old law student, is also due to reveal more details at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas, this afternoon.

Defense Distributed released a video trailer for the new search engine this morning, in which Wilson provides a brief summary of the organization’s history and philosophy, highlighting the fact that 3D printer company Makerbot and its CEO Bre Prettis took down 3D printed gun files from Makerbot’s file catalog, Thingiverse, in December last year. In the trailer, Wilson promises “no takedowns,” on He also says, “Defcad stands against artificial scarcity, intellectual property, copyright, patentable objects, and regulation in all of its forms.”

The move comes on the heels of Defense Distributed’s recently published videos of successful test firings of new 3D printed automatic weapon parts, including a from-scratch high capacity AR magazine design it calls “Cuomo,” after New York State’s gun-control supporting Democratic governor, and a new AK magazine named after another gun control proponent, California’s Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein.


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