What is REAL?

I have been thinking a lot about reality and once I do that, it seems like this life is just some sort of silly drama for someone else’s amusement… what are your thoughts on the subject?

I know what you mean about Reality seeming to be unreal… my brother is a student of The Course in Miracles so he would agree. It is his opinion that we are living in a world of illusion that was created by our desire to experience “what is not heaven” …so you might say we choose to experience separation from God. I have come to share this view, and while it is not entirely clear to me why we would choose to experience “what is not heaven” it seems clear that we did just that…. I mean, here we are… but it would seem we came here to learn a lesson, but the danger is we can get stuck in this world of illusion if we fail to overcome our fear. That seems to be the BIG lesson we need to learn.

I explain it this way: our EGO knows that when the body dies, it too will pass away–therefore the EGO is attached to the body. We make the mistake of identifying with the EGO, but that is not who we are… only who we think we are… and this mistake is part of the mistake we made in choosing to leave heaven, it is part of the illusion of this unreal world. The reality of our Divine Self is hidden from us–but when we can unlearn and drop all illusion, then the peace and joy of Heaven becomes our reality… in such a place (or state of being) we know who we are, we know that death is not real and that we are invulnerable. Our EGO will not and can not accept this reality because it is invested in this world of lack and loss. Therefore, our EGO only knows now to operate under the MO of fear and attack. This is the “fight or flight” modus operandi (method of operation) that we have all learned and now must unlearn.

In other words we are living in hell (in a place of pain where we think we are separated from God), and that is as much an illusion as the holographic universe in which we find ourselves. Once we see this…. everything changes… and like Buddha, we wake-up… for some this happens in a flash and for others it is a process (taking place over a period of time)… but even TIME is an illusion, so don’t worry if your not “waking up” fast enough. In the end, we will all wake-up, so there is no reason to fret over that process… I have come to trust everything is unfolding perfectly. It is not about believing (in something) but knowing this simple truth: heaven is our home, and when we rest in this truth we have peace.

The earth is not for the pleasure of man, but is a place of instruction for his soul. A man more readily feels the stirring of his spirit in the face of disaster than in the lap of luxury. The tuition of the soul is a long a arduous course of instruction and training. The body is a womb, our life the days of conception, and in death the soul is born.


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