What is money and why is it evil?

“Money is not the root of all evil actually; it’s the means to overcome the limitations of barter so that you can reward contributions to society without having to do a like-for-like exchange which can get complicated. So the unit of exchange called money, exchanging an energy for contributions to society, is extremely positive. It’s not an evil. Where the problem comes in is when you start having interest on money, because then purely by controlling the unit of exchange you can control the world and suck people’s wealth into your hands — which is what’s happened.” —David Icke

Where does money come from? Most people say government. Actually, government steals money–they don’t create it. In it’s most basic form, money is your labor. You work, you get paid. Money is what you exchange for your labor. However, in our world, before you can cash your check the government has already extracted a tax on your labor. This legalized thief goes on everyday and yet people think government creates money!

If you stop and think about (which few people do) it would clear to see: You create money with you labor! AND when the government collects a tax it is actually stealing your labor. Knowing this, a recent article on the Dollar Vigilante blog got my attention. That article was titled Is money the root of all evil? . I happen to be the first to reply, and in that reply I talked about sound money (gold and silver) and why we need honest money if we ever hope to have honest government. The replies that followed ignored me and started to debate what the Bible says–but that was not the point of the article! Putting Biblical issue to the side, I would like to go into more detail and explain what money is, why it is evil, and most of all, how to fix that problem.

What can turn paper into money?

The answer is the legal authority of the government. Legal Tender Laws make us use something for money even if something else may be better. It is a very important connecting point that Legal Tender Laws are always found where Fiat Money is being used. In other words, whenever governments have DECLARED that this and only this can be used as money, they have had to back it up with penalties for those who may want to use something else.In other words, if you do not want to use this Fiat Money as money, too bad, we, the government, are going to make you anyway.

Money is just information, a way we measure what we trade, nothing of value in itself. And we can make it ourselves, to work as a complement to conventional money. It is just a matter of design. You might say money is a conspiracy. Money is where two or more ‘conspire’ (or ‘breath’ life into an idea) and agree on what their form of money will be. This only becomes an evil conspiracy when it is forced on people (like with “legal tender” laws). It is evil because it then become a false authority, a means of control, a way to enslave with debt.

Evil = False Authority

Virgil said, “Tu Ne Cede Malis,” which translates: “do not give in to evil.” One might ask, “What is evil?” And the answer can be given in two word: FALSE AUTHORITY, so Virgil was saying do not give into false authority. You are the author of your future, and if you allow someone to author you future you under their false authority by your own willingness to submit. This is what evil is, and this is why the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. In effect people who love false authority are under a form of mind control. That “mind control” greed, but how does a False Authority get your greed to serve them? That answer is fiat money, this is the basis of the Matrix or Artificial Intelligence we call the Matrix. It is the means (the mind control method) by which evil leaders (false authorities) extract their taxes, steal your labor, reduce your wealth, and control the society, and bring their own brand of order out of the chaos. Virgil also added, “…but proceed ever more boldly against it!”

The best way to do proceed boldly against evil is to create an Open Money System.

Competing currencies ultimately serve the public.

There is no good reason for a community to be without money. To be short of money when there’s work to get done is like not having enough inches to build a house. We have the materials, the tools, the space, the time, the skills and the intent to build … but we have no inches today? Why be short of inches? Why be short of money? Real money is created, not printed! It’s just a matter of devising a scoring system for those who consent to using it. A scoring system that nobody wants to use isn’t a working money. So while there’s no limit to the moneys that can be conceived, not ever OMS will work.

Bank of England’s governor Mervyn King:

“Is it possible that advances in technology will mean that (…) the world may come to resemble a pure exchange economy? Electronic transactions in real time hold out that possibility. There is no reason, in principle, why final settlements could not be carried out by the private sector without the need for clearing through the central bank. (…) There is no conceptual obstacle to the idea that two individuals engaged in a transaction could settle by a transfer of wealth from one electronic account to another in real time. (…) The same system could match demands and supplies of financial assets, determine prices and make settlements. Financial assets and real goods and services would be priced in terms of a unit of account. Final settlement could be made without any recourse to the central bank.(…) Without such a role in settlements, central banks, in their present form, would no longer exist; nor would money.”

What is being described where is a OMS made digital as BitCoin attempted to do. Open money is virtual, personal and free. Any community, network, business can create their own free money – “free” as in free speech, free radical, freely available – but NOT free as in free lunch, or free ride. It’s not something you get for nothing. A OMS create money as needed, but this money must be “earned” to be respected or it will fail. When you issue it, you are obliged to redeem it (that is what earned means), your money is your word. It’s just a matter of your reputation in your community (online or off). Years ago people said a man was only as good as his word, what did that mean? It simply meant your word was money! In other words, money is simply a social arrangement and it rests on trust not authority. It confers no power of one over another, only one with another. Exploitation is no problem; when you have your own OMS, you can’t be bought and sold so easily. You can choose what you do to earn your money. And there’s no monopoly, no central authority.

Why Open Money

The problems with money stem entirely from how conventional money is normally issued – it is created by central banks in limited supply. It is my belief that the problems that come from conventional money can be resolved with Open Money Systems. For example, a) where conventional money is scarce and expensive, the new money is sufficient and free, b) where conventional money is created by central banks, new money is issued by us, as promises to redeem – our money is our word, c) and where conventional money flows erratically in and out of our communities, creating dependencies that are harmful to the economy, society and nature, the new complementary money re-circulates, enabling business and trade. So let’s fix the money problem (by removing the evil) and for the rest of the problems that we face in our world, let’s see what follows.

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