The EPA has set fluoride tolerances for over 200 foodstuffs ranging from 5 ppm in cheese all the way up to 900 ppm in powdered eggs.  A wealth of independent, peer reviewed studies have found adverse effects on children’s developing brains, the male reproductive system, kidneys, and bones. Now consider the fact that while the EPA is allowing 900 parts per million of fluoride in dried eggs, but they have set the maximum limit of 4 ppm allowed in tap water. One third of the nation’s eggs are sold and consumed in dried, reconstituted form.

“How can the EPA consider 900 ppm in eggs safe, while the Food and Drug Administration directs parents to call poison control centers if their children consume more than a pea sized portion of toothpaste with fluoride at 1,000 ppm?” asked Paul Connett, PhD, Executive Director of FAN. “Unlike toothpaste, eggs are meant to be eaten, not spit out.” The precise FDA required label on toothpastes with fluoride levels of 1000 ppm is: “WARNING: Do not swallow. Use only a pea-sized amount for children under six… If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately.”

after fumigation with SULFURYL FLUORIDE:

900 ppm: Dried eggs
130 ppm: Wheat germ
130 ppm: Wheat (milled byproducts)
125 ppm: Wheat (flour)
75 ppm: Oat (flour & rolled)
70 ppm: ALL Processed foods (excepting specific levels for foods in this list)
70 ppm: Legumes (57 types – see list below)
70 ppm: Herbs & Spices (135 types – see list below)
70 ppm: Cottonseed (used as animal feed)
70 ppm: Ginger
55 ppm: Corn (aspirated grain fractions)
40 ppm: Wheat (bran & grain)
40 ppm: Millet (grain)
45 ppm: Rice (flour)
45 ppm: Barley (bran, flour, pearled)
40 ppm: Coconut
40 ppm: Cattle (meat, dried)
40 ppm: Wheat (bran; grain; & shorts)
40 ppm; Sorghum (grain)
40 ppm: Triticale (grain)
35 ppm: Corn (flour)
35 ppm: Rice (hulls)
31 ppm: Rice (bran)
30 ppm: Corn (field, meal)
25 ppm: Rice (wild grain & polished)
25 ppm: Oat (grain)
20 ppm: Cocoa bean
20 ppm: Ham
20 ppm: Pine nut
15 ppm: Peanuts
15 ppm: Coffee
15 ppm: Barley (grain)
12 ppm: Rice (grain)
10 ppm: Corn (field, grain)
10 ppm: Corn (field, grits)
10 ppm: Corn (pop, grain)
10 ppm: Tree Nuts (14 types – see below)
10 ppm: Pistachio
7 ppm: Raisin
5 ppm: Cheese
5 ppm: Milk (powdered)
3 ppm: Dried Fruit


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