Israel abducts American survivor of USS Liberty bombing onboard Gaza flotilla

Among nine US citizens abducted in international waters by Israeli troops on Monday was a survivor of the attack on the USS Liberty, an American intelligence ship that was napalm-bombed by the Israeli Air Force in 1967. US Navy veteran Joe Miduras, of Corpus Christi, Texas, was among the nearly 700 civilians from 40 different countries, who were illegally abducted by the Israeli Defense Forces following a bloody raid on the Gaza  Freedom Flotilla on May 31.

The 67-year old veteran was a soldier onboard the Liberty, an unarmed US National Security Agency communications surveillance vessel, when it wasnapalm-bombed in international waters by Israeli jets during the fourth day of the 1967 Six-Day War. Although the ship did not sink, Israeli jets machine-gunned the Liberty lifeboats carrying American servicemen, ultimately killing 34 and seriously injuring over 150 US crew members. As of yesterday afternoon, Miduras’ fate was unknown, as he had failed to make contact with his wife, Jean Miduras. Among several other American citizens abducted by the IDF and illegally renditioned to Israel was Edward Peck, a former US ambassador and US State Department official during the Ronald Reagan administration. The 81-year-old former diplomat was released from prison on Tuesday morning, and spoke to Democracy Now! on Wednesday.

The dozens of other Western citizens that are still missing include two accredited reporters with Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald, Paul McGeough and Kate Geraghty. The newspaper’s editor, Alan Oakley, said the two, who are joint Australian-Irish citizens, had been taken to prison in Beersheba, Israel. Oakley said he could only “hope the authorities respect their rights”.

Meadors said that the Israeli’s violated international waters both in the recent flotilla attack and in 1967 at the attack of the USS Liberty, stating that Israel also violated international law by using unmarked aircraft.

“They’re just a bunch of rag-tag people who think they can do no wrong. Every time they speak they say they don’t break any laws, they always abide by international laws. But, they break them with impunity and the US Government is not going to hold them accountable, nobody is,” said Meadors.

Meadors expects an investigation will show that Israel violated international law and should be held accountable for its actions. He holds the same hope for the USS Liberty case, which has yet to be settled.

“We filed a war crimes report with the Department of Defense in 2005. They claim they already investigated the allegation we made, but they can’t show us where they have,” said Meadors.

Meadors said that Israel was the aggressor in the flotilla attack and that the only story is being portrayed is Israel’s version, because the Israeli forces confiscated all video and recording equipment from the flotilla passengers.


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