10 Things To Remember This Memorial Day

As we picnic and play this Memorial Day, let’s try to remember that:

1. To date, there have been 90,955 documented U.S. troop casualties in the current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Of these, 4,378 troops have died; 37,280 have been wounded in action; and 48,272 have been medically evacuated due to injury or disease.

2. The Department of Defense last year warned that as many as 20 percent of veterans (360,000) may have suffered traumatic brain injury from IED blasts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Blast injuries generally do not result in skull fractures or loss of consciousness yet the Institute of Medicine has reported that these traumatic brain injuries may cause diffuse brain bleeding and result in PTSD and problems with mood, attention, concentration, memory, pain, balance, hearing and vision.

3. 508,152 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are patients in the VA system. Thousands more are waiting as much as a year for VA treatment for serious ailments including traumatic brain injury. 243,685 (48 percent) are mental health patients and 143,530 (28 percent) are being treated for PTSD. A recent University of Michigan study demonstrated that PTSD sufferers have more physical illness in later life as their immune systems take back seats to systems needed for crises.

4. Every day, five U.S. soldiers attempt suicide, a 500 percent increase since 2001.

5. Every day 18 U.S. veterans attempt suicide, more than four times the national average. Of the 30,000 suicides each year in the U.S., 20 percent are committed by veterans, though veterans make up only 7.6 percent of the population.

6. Female veteran suicide is rising at a rate higher than male veteran suicides.

7. In 2009, there were 3,230 reports of sexual assault including rape, according to the DoD, with many more that number thought to be unreported. In a 2003 survey of female veterans 30 percent reported being raped in the military. A 2004 study of veterans with PTSD reported that 71 percent of women seeking treatment said they were sexually assaulted or raped while serving in the military.

8. The number of U.S. service men and women killed in Afghanistan has doubled in the first quarter of 2010. compared to the same quarter last year. In the first two months of 2010, injuries tripled, with U.S. casualties expected to rise still more with the troop surge in Afghanistan.

9. 2,052,405 service men and women have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001. Over 40 percent of them have been deployed two or more times. Some will have been deployed as many as five years Currently 94,000 U.S. troops are serving in Afghanistan and 92,000 in Iraq.

And last but not least:

10. Estimates of civilian deaths from violence in Iraq alone range from a conservative 105,000 (Iraq Body Count project) to over 1.2 million (UK pollster Opinion Research Business), with estimates by Johns Hopkins at 655,000. More than 125,000 civilians have been injured in Iraq and 4 million displaced, with civilian death and injury in 2010 rising each month. By most estimates, tens of thousands of Afghan civilians have been killed or injured since the 2001 invasion, over 200,00 have been internally displaced, and over 2 million have become refugees, with civilian deaths and injuries rising dramatically in 2010.

The war in Iraq is in its seventh year. The war in Afghanistan, in its ninth year, is the longest war in our history. On Memorial Day, as we remember the dead and wounded, ours and theirs, the latest installment of 30,000 new troops is readying for new battles with Taliban fighters in Kandahar. 135 years after the end of our Civil War, our nation is engaged in near civil wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which we had a part in starting and no plans for ending.

The treatment of our soldiers by the government is reprehensible in the extreme–and, this treatment is carried out by a Regime that has labeled returning vets one of the greatest dangers to it…little wonder they are coming home physical and mental wrecks…used up and thrown away. Our soldiers are fighting and dying and killing in two wars—- with the promise of more to come– for the sake of Oil, Israel and Opium…and the profit of our enemies at Halliburton, BP, Carlyle Group and friends.

The incident between the two Koreas smells just like past incidents– including the OKC attack, the ’93 WTC attack, 9-11 and the other false flags in London and Madrid….and, of course, the Times Square affair. A German torpedo?…from a North Korean sub?–that hits an ASW ship… are we to believe the preposterous tale that something that would sound like an unbalanced washing machine full of marbles underwater managed to enter a military exercise area without making a sound, launch a weapon in silence and make its get away without leaving so much as a trace of its presence?…also escaping detection by the US vessels nearby? Former NSAer, Wayne Madsen doesn’t thinks so–and writes that Beijing isn’t falling for this silly tale either…He writes that the whole affair was designed to scare the Japanese government into breaking its promise to the people to get the American rapists and vandals off Okinawa…and that it worked.

Our soldiers are not our enemies–but their so-called “civilian leaders” are. Wake up to that fact! Wake up to the fact that our politicial “leaders” are enemis to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Wake up to the fact these politicians work for BP, Goldman Sachs, the FED and they do not represent WE THE PEOPLE. All theses Big Money parasites who run the big show in Washington from behind the curtain are our enemies….they launch wars, militerize local police, run drugs as they demand our troops gaurd the poppy fields. When will the American people say enough? …such a time is now! Do you really want another world war? Think about this Memorial Day.


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