New film ‘Machete’ & globalism’s march against America

Director Robert Rodriguez’ new film ‘Machete‘ has created controversy after a promotional trailer released online makes provoking comments about Arizona– namely its new immigration laws– before depicting a machete-wielding vigilante who leads an uprising and massacre against Texas authorities. The filmmakerscalled it a ’special’ Cinco de Mayo message to Arizona, inviting viewers into a violent on-screen race war with red-saturated 70s exploitation violence and endless killing. While some critics have praised this “message to Arizona” as being “most eloquent” on the immigration issue, others have become concerned about the message truly sent by a bloody and racially-charged film. On the other hand, you might just laugh–I did.

They beat him, they shot him, they stabbed him, but when
they tried to deport him he really got mad…

It has been established that the Ford Foundation and other top organizations have funded and influenced groups like MEChA and La Raza. Border enforcement is lax because big businesses take advantage of the low wage labor; meanwhile, the same NAFTA, WTO and CAFTA visionaries ship jobs overseas and gut the industrial base in America. The clash of cultures is then pressured further by fiery rhetoric, mythically-driven liberation theology, perceived job opportunities, language barriers and political issues. For ‘Machete’ to call for such violence and glorify killings in relation to such a sensitive political topic is potentially criminal if it caused people to act out in real life.

Divide & Conquer is an age old tactic, employed with skill by the British Empire’s “Great Game” strategists, who frequently pitted one tribe or nation against another to maintain control over their colonies and to expand their conquest into other territories. Leaders have been caught up in racial divide in the history of Mexico & Texas, despite a long history of co-mingling and harmony among white and hispanic populations in that era. ‘Machete‘ proves all too evocative of the infamous 1915 Plan of San Diego one of the most insulting episodes in history, where a plan was made to kill all white males and use an all-out race war to re-conquer the Southwest. More recently, the CIA has been known for writing & disseminating racially & religiously-charged textbooks to places like Afghanistan– a seed that grew well to destabilize the region.

Racial strife is often exacerbated unnecessarily by globalists forces who, though seeking to integrate North America regionally, divide & conquer the population by playing upon ethnic tensions. For a violent film to use such a backdrop to glorify and potentially incite violent attacks on white Americans over the immigration issue is very dangerous, and Alex urges the film’s director to carefully consider the impact such an extreme statement could have. Though the movie screen is an escapist dimension where sex & violence are commonplace, ‘Machete‘ ties it into a racially motivated issue spurned by anti-illegal immigration rhetoric– and that may be taking things a bit too far.

We know that Aztlan is a subsidiary (of sorts) of La Raza. What most Americans do not know is that the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation networks fund – give lots of money to – La Raza. They’ve been doing this for decades. These great tax-exempt Foundations are the same ones which created the NEA and have funded it for almost a century. They’re the same sources of funding for the AMA, the pharmceuticals industry’s lobby. They are the funders of the clandestine beginnings of a movement which created the Federal Reserve. They created and funded the American Historical Association. They supported the passage of the 16th Amendment (which probably, in truth, was never legally ratified by the States) to create the IRS and the Federal Income Tax. And they created and funded the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which drums the cadence of State Department “policy” for the past ninety years while also setting the mandates for what gets published and broadcast in the mainstream media. They also funded the “women’s lib” movement of the 1960s. They have funded the extensions of the teachings of the Frankfurt School as it has promoted cultural-Marxism’s “long march” through American institutions. To put the cherry on the cake, these tax-exempt Foundations funded the United Nations, and one of them, the Rockefeller group, donated the land in New York City on which today sits the UN world headquarters building. Finally, to add the quintessential cherry on top, they fund the development of an infrastructure known as the “global economy” that it might be managed ultimately by a very few super-elite international financiers who are hell-bent on destroying America and our Constitution – which is the only thing standing in the way of their desired one-world government.

When borders no longer have restrictions, we won’t have “immigration”, we’ll just have “migration”. This is a new world order objective, published. This is part of the plan for America. This has much to do with why our nation’s manufacturing base has been shipped afar and is why the Federal government steadfastly refuses to stop the influx of illegal immigrants across our southern border. In allowing millions of low-wage-earning workers to enter our country, they’re allowing competition for blue-collar jobs. In a well-published plan to take down the American middle class family and render us impotent, they have attacked our family values and our ability to work fruitful jobs and careers, created financial instability, rendered our retirement plans doubtful, squeezed our economy to the point that now many Americans are facing job loss and home loss – all at the same time the progressive movement has promoted “collectivism” in our institutions, such as mandating that a sick person without insurance may not be denied treatment at a privately-owned hospital – to which they now demand the obligation be extended to illegal immigrants, which now is over-burdening insurance plans and hospital/ER systems as well as our public schooling system.

What the Foundations are after is the leveling-down of America to the status of a third-world country, and to do that they are motivated to encourage “migration” instead of “immigration”. The Ford Foundation has faced hard questions repeatedly over recent decades regarding its funding of La Raza, and has side-stepped that question repeatedly. The mainstream media won’t touch this, because the media is regulated by the CFR, which works for the Foundations. A key to understanding all this is a magnificent miracle known as NAFTA. NAFTA was a beginning step, and was to be followed by CAFTA and the FTAA. When the FTAA failed, Bush-43, being the loyal globalist of Skull and Bones that he is, sidestepped that defeat by creating the SPP to take the FTAA’s place. The SPP is the official name for what some (including myself) call the North American Union.

I have given readers a glimpse of the invisible process of globalism’s march on America. I will now give you a video which runs about 20 minutes. It’s about the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) and it is about La Raza and it is about Aztlan and it is about the topic of this thread, and it is about the new world order’s purpose behind funding La Raza and Aztlan to destroy America. Go ahead, take a view – it’s only twenty minutes.


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