Smart Meters, Going Green and screwing you out of it

Texas utility Oncor is working with Swiss smart-meter company Landis+Gyr to roll out 3 million advanced meters by 2012. The bill is expected to be $690 million dollars, and will be first paid by customers (directly or indirectly)……

Once again, nice to send those job over seas! …and why? so that some day the power company will be able to shut my power OFF anytime they want. The plan: Once you have the smart meter installed, instead of paying your Normal Flat rate per kw hour they will start charging you higher rates per kw hour during peak times.

Should I expect there will be rolling blackouts in my future caused only by my power supplier wanting to conserve energy or re-route it to large corporations, and for no other reason? That seems a bit “Big Brother-ish” now, doesn’t it? Sure does! But it gets better, with the Smart Meter program, my electric meter can be read remotely through communication towers. Wonderful =/

Let the HACKING begin…………

Pacific Gas & Electric’s smart metering headaches might have just gotten a lot worse. Already, the company has had to fend off accusations that its installation of smart meters hiked energy rates. Now Bakersfield, Calif. residents are suing the utility for price gouging via its smart metering program.

Now read this: Google Power Meter and the Next Great Conspiracy Theory


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