Sheriff Mack on Hardball with Chris Matthews

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This really isn‘t about going back to the Republicans being in control. This is about whether or not our politicians in Washington, D.C., will follow the Constitution. And can we get back to a—once again, a free society based on the principles of freedom that our country was originally founded upon?

This isn‘t about Sarah Palin. This isn‘t about Richard Mack. This is about whether or not we can have the Constitution restored as the supreme law of the land.

My—my take on all of this is that there‘s only one answer left.

MATTHEWS: OK. I have to…


MACK: There‘s only one answer left, and that‘s at the local level.


When I beat the case—when I—when I beat the federal government, I beat the Clinton administration at the United States Supreme Court in 1997.

MATTHEWS: Right. I know.

MACK: And this is the thing they pointed out. Oh, as long as you can weigh the burdens or benefits, as long as you can weigh the benefits, then we will say they‘re constitutional and they should be there.


MACK: No, I‘m saying put the Constitution first. If it‘s not constitutionally allowed…


MACK: … they don‘t get to do it, whether you can have benefits to it or not.

MATTHEWS: Everybody likes that. But everybody believes in the Constitution.

Let me ask you this. You‘re not a birther. You‘re not a truther.

MACK: Oh, baloney. They don‘t either.

MATTHEWS: Who doesn‘t believe in the Constitution?

MACK: Oh, I would say every politician in Washington, D.C., except for Ron Paul.

MATTHEWS: They don‘t believe in the Constitution?

MACK: Well, they don‘t follow it. If they believe in it, maybe they would put it into practice.

But Congress shall make no law. Have they done that? Yes, all the time. But they don‘t get it. They have these strict rules to go by in the Bill of Rights. Do they get the Bill of Rights? No. They have replaced it with their observe political selfish agendas.


MACK: And that‘s what the Tea Party groups are really tired of.

MATTHEWS: So, you think the Supreme Court and the Democrats and the Republicans have sold out; they don‘t believe in the government of the United States founded by the founding fathers?

MACK: They have sold out. Exactly. Exactly.

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