The Oath Keeper, Vol. 1, No. 1, e-Subscription

We hope you enjoy the first issue of The Oath Keeper, and we think you will.
Inside you’ll find “The Ten Orders We Won’t Obey” explained in depth by Oath Keeper’s founder Stewart Rhodes.  You’ll find the story of Michael New, winner of the 2009 Oath Keeper Military Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as information about the truth behind enemy combatant status and who the DHS considers potential “right-wing extremists.”  Read about the Battle of New Orleans and Florida Oath Keepers in our first featured state of the month.  You’ll see that this inaugural edition of The Oath Keeper is designed to reach, teach, and inspire all Americans to become Oath Keepers and join us as we say “Not on Our Watch!”
To download this month’s issue, please click on the following link, or copy and paste it into your web browser:
(file size approx. 30MB)
Please note: This link and its associated PDF file is provided exclusively to our paid e-subscribers.  On your honor, please do not share this link or the PDF file with anyone outside of your immediate family who is not also a paid subscriber, until a public version is posted on the website late next month.  The Oath Keeper is supported solely by its subscribers, and we must honor our commitment to providing them this exclusive access to the e-version.
If you have any trouble, please contact Robert at
Thank you, and enjoy!
– The Oath Keeper staff

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