Blackwater (Xe Services/CIA operatives) Among Dead in Suicide Bombing

Seven CIA agents were killed and six wounded in an Afgah suicide attack

Blackwater (Xe Services/CIA operatives) Among Dead in Suicide Bombing

Two of the seven “CIA officers” killed in Afghanistan on Dec. 30 were Blackwater contractors.  The CIA considered the Blackwater mercenaries to be CIA officers.  A former top CIA officer says that the agency and Blackwater have developed a “brotherly relationship” and that the mercenary group has become “an extension of the agency.”

Blackwater has officially changed its name to “Xe Services” but everybody still calls it “Blackwater,” so I will too. One has to wonder if these spies of fortune had to take an oath of office, or if they were subject to the same rules and laws that apply to real CIA agents.  I doubt it.

RALEIGH, N.C. – Two of the CIA workers killed in Afghanistan were private contractors with the security company formerly known as Blackwater.

An obituary released Wednesday for 35-year-old Jeremy Wise said he was a former Navy SEAL from Virginia Beach, Va., who was working with the company now known as Xe. MindyLou Paresi of Dupont, Wash., said in an interview with The News Tribune of Tacoma, Wash., that her husband, 46-year-old Dane Clark Paresi, was also a Xe contractor who was killed.

A few weeks ago, a federal judge dismissed criminal charges against five guards working for the security firm Blackwater who were accused of killing 17 unarmed Iraqi civilians. The killings strained US-Iraq relations and sparked an outcry over the military’s use of private contractors. Mercenary security guards like the ones who just skated in federal court are not subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, as the Baghdad slaughter case Judge Urbina just threw out clearly illustrates.

In a separate case, federal prosecutors in North Carolina, where the company is based, are investigating whether executives engaged in a broad array of criminal activities, including weapons smuggling, money laundering and tax evasion, according to lawyers and others familiar with the inquiry.

The Jordanian suicide bomber was likely a doctor the CIA employeed to oversee the prisoners in the CIA secret prison in Jordan prior to being recruited as a CIA field agent. His cover story was he was jailed in Jordan where he was recruited by the Jordanian Intelligence organization.

The bomber was a source who came to the base camp in Khost near the Pakistan border for a meeting on December 30, a senior U.S. official also confirmed. The man had been used by both countries’ intelligence services in the past, and had provided information about high-value targets, the senior U.S. official said.

It appears that Blackwater employees (working as CIA operatives) conducted a midnight raid in Afghanistan which resulted in the slaughter of a large number of Afghanistan children and young men. If the allegations are true, it constitutes a war crime of ominous proportions.  Afghan President Hamid Karzai has forcefully demanded that the US military hand over the perpetrators of an operation in which Special Operations forces were air-dropped outside of Ghazi Khan village in Kunar Province last week, who then took children ranging from ages as young as 11 to 18 from their beds, handcuffed them, and shot them.

President Karzai’s security chiefs have demanded that America should hand over the gunmen behind a night raid in eastern Afghanistan that government investigators and the United Nations say killed at least eight schoolchildren….

It is the first time that Mr Karzai has tried to hold foreign forces directly accountable for killing civilians, although he has issued impassioned responses to civilian casualties that threaten to undermine Nato’s mission in Afghanistan.

The question is: What caused the Jordanian MD, turned CIA field agent, to kill himself along with his fellow agents and former CIA base commander? Did the Jordanian MD know some of the murdered children?

Was the Jordanian MD’s children among those victims?

The midnight raid where handcuffed childern were killed appears to be the trigger the set-off the Jordanian MD. What else would cause a medical doctor to turn into a suicide bomber? What we do know is he suddenly decide to take his own life along with the lives of as many CIA agents and formerly named Blackwater employees as he could. We can only guess what his motives may have been, but I suspect this doctor was acting in retaliation for these childern murdered in cold-blood.

This war crime is chilling beyond imagination. And although all are innocent until found guilty, a weight of evidence and credible investigation has been established to warrant an independent investigation ordered by the President of the United States.

There are many questions which we should be asking.  First, who ordered the operation?  Did the commanders know at the time of planning that school children would be found, and included in the “targets?”  If not, once inside, were the executions the work of one or two rogue individuals, or did the entire unit proceed with orders?  Once recognized to be children, did any of the soldiers protest the orders, or refuse to obey them?

If this stands, the Empire has crossed an invisible line of no return, going from accidental deaths that are the needless result of a needless war, to the  institutionalized, cold-blooded murder of children.


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