SHERRY JACKSON (IRS Whistleblower) Missing

Sherry Peel Jackson has been moved again and she has not been  heard from for over two weeks. She disappeared one week before Christmas and her  parents nor her husband and two beautiful children have not heard from  her.

I just read this on the Daily Paul Forum.

Sherry Jackson was one of the stars of Aaron Russo’s America:Freedom  to Fascism. She was the former IRS agent who cried out, “SHOW ME THE LAW!”.  Right now she deserves the support of the entire Freedom Movement because the feds seem intent on murdering her.  She details how the feds denied her medical care in prison and right now she IS IN THE PROCESS OF DYING.

This is a HORRIFIC OUTRAGE that should be at or near the top of the list of every true patriot

First I learn my country was torturing “enemy combatants” under the Bush administration, now I learn that under the Obama administration American citizens have become political dissidents and are now being “disappeared.”  The government has proven that it is not only willing to torture countless people in secret prisons around the world, but now see the full extent of their tyrant being visited against people just like me. I’m pissed off about this. No longer can the government slowly murder their political prisoners in comfortable anonymity.  I for one will not remain silent and allow this aggression to stand.

Please join me in trying to help get Sherry Jackson the vital medical care she needs now. Please take Action; do what is  right!

Sherry’s Representative is Hank Johnson, representing the 4th Congressional District of Georgia. I just joined his FaceBook page and left a text message, next I called is office (202-225-1605) and left a voice mail expressing my concern for Sherry.


Please ask everyone to send her an encouraging note so that she  knows she is not alone or forgotten. Let her know that this country is aware  that she has been moved, thousands are still watching her situation closely and  praying for her release. Anyone who has been in her situation cannot imagine how  much good is accomplished by countless cards and letters. It does much more than  just lift her spirits, which in itself is huge. It also lets the system know  that she is well-known and many are watching closely to see that she is treated  properly while in her federal cage, with two long years to go!

Sherry Peel Jackson

Tax Protestor Sherry Peel Jackson
Tax Protestor, and former IRS Agent, Sherry Peel Jackson. Mrs. Jackson used to work for the Internal Revenue Service and now gives advice to tax protestors. Mrs. Jackson was sentenced to prision for evading income taxes.

SHERRY PEEL JACKSON, 45, of Stone Mountain, Georgia, a former IRS Revenue Agent, was sentenced on February 14, 2008 to four years in federal prison, to be followed by one year of supervised release, and was taken into custody immediately after sentencing. JACKSON was convicted by a federal jury on October 30, 2007, after a two-day trial on four counts of failure to file her individual tax returns for the years 2000 to 2003. Beginning in 2000, JACKSON operated a tax preparation business and continued to prepare, submit and file individual tax returns for her clients. For the next three years, however, JACKSON intentionally did not file her own tax returns, despite an income of over $400,000 during that time period.

U.S. Department of Justice press release announcing Ms. Jackson being sentenced to four years in federal jail.

Sherry, a CPA,  Certified Fraud Investigator, received a 4-year sentence for telling Americans  the truth, and she broke no law.

Her husband believes she has  been moved again since she has been missing for over two weeks and no one has  heard a word from her. Currently, her location is unknown. The most recent updates indicate this may be her new address:

We believe this is her new location: TALLAHASSEE  FCI
inmate number: 59085-019 (47-Black-F) 08-08-2011 (projected release date)
Now held at the Federal Correction Institution (FCI) in Tallahassee.

Watch this video (2 of 2) to get an idea why the government wanted to disappear this woman.
Here is a link to the first part of this same video (1 of 2)

More videos:

Now start sending those cards and letters  please



Please pass this along to as many  people as you can and do it quickly!

This appear to be an old webpage, but if you wish to donate the address should still be valid:



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