877 new snowfall records set or tied in the USA in the last week « Global Warming?

About this map: The Record Events map depicts the official National Weather Service records recorded for the defined date(s) or time period, which includes record high and low temperatures, record high minimum temperatures, record low maximum temperatures, record daily rainfall and record daily snowfall.

877 new snowfall records set or tied in the USA in the last week « Watts Up With That?.

Here we go again! The records at NOAA are wrong or incomplete. At least one record is totally missing in that on 12/24 Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City got 14+ inches with previous record at two plus inches in the 80s. Not even mentioned in the 877. Lincoln, Nebraska has already had its snowiest December in the ~125 years records have been kept.

A cold start to fall: over 4500 new snowfall, low temp, and lowest max temp records set in the USA this last week

Makes me wonder WTH these people are smoking/drinking/snorting as they claim 2009 is the warmest year ever and 2010 will be even warmer. We were told at the very beginning to expect severe weather conditions, I don’t remember anyone mentioning cold extreme weather conditions, but they will now. If you believe in AGW every event confirms that belief, just like any other religion.

If you fancy a giggle, check out this article from The Independent from back in 2000 which quotes ‘leading researchers’ from The Hadley centre and elsewhere telling people in the UK that “snow is starting to disappear from our lives.”



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