Google Expands Tracking to Logged Out Users

Via: Tech Radar:

Anyone who’s a regular Google search user will know that the only way to avoid the company tracking your online activities is to log out of Gmail or whatever Google account you use. Not any more.  As of last Friday, even searchers who aren’t logged into Google in any way have their data tracked in the name of providing a ‘better service’.

Concerned About Privacy? You’re Probably up to no Good, Says Google CEO

Remarks anger many who are concerned with Google’s ever expanding influence…

Mr. Schmidt’s indictment of those who wish privacy is disconcerting and troublesome, especially when one considers Mr. Schmidt’s own demands for personal privacy. Mr. Schmidt banned CNET, one of the top tech news sites on the web, from Google for an entire year for publishing information about the CEO, including his salary; his neighborhood, some of his hobbies and political donations. Where didCNET find this info? From none other than Google itself.


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