Ukraine’s Flu Cases Doubled (not once, but seven times) in Past Few Days

Rhizalabs interactive flu tracking map now has Ukraine’s flu cases at 903,697. This is got to be either a mistake, or whatever it is afflicting these people is far worse than H1N1, but that is what they are calling it.

It’s not the total number that’s so disturbing: it’s the swift progession: it’s gone from around 40,000 to over 900,000 ill in just ten days. That’s a multiplication factor of 22.5 times in 10 freakin days! Have a look at this map.

Right now some 1 person in 46 of the Ukrainian population is either sick or recovering, with no end in sight. If the number of ill continues to climb at this rate for another week even, how many will be ill then?

What happens when ten or fifteen per cent of your entire population is ill at the same time, never mind how many are dead? What happens to your economy?

A 9 region area has been quarantined, apparently.

Whatever this all really means (I do not know), my alert sensors are going off. Joseph Moshe was swiftly arrested and whisked away after previously reporting that the Ukraine would be the site of a bio-weaons release (allegedly). Whether this is true is still unknown, but these reports now coming from the Ukraine indicate that something is seriously amiss.


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