Will the Rich Evolve Into A Different Species?

Source: People’s Daily Online

Recently, famous U.S. futurologist Paul Saffo released an unbelievable but reliable prediction that the super rich would “rebuild” their bodies using advanced technology. As a result they will be quite different from common human beings, and would be considered a new species.

Future human beings could grow organs by themselves

Saffo claimed in the future human beings will be able to grow any organs according to their own needs by taking special custom-made medicine to treat illnesses. It could eliminate all family hereditary disease with genetic treatment.

However, in Saffo’s prediction only the super rich could enjoy the benefits of such scientific development. To that trend, an insurmountable barrier will be generated between the super rich and common people, finally helping to create a totally different new race evolving from the rich.

Half-human-half-robots will be anywhere

When interviewed by British media, Saffo said the personal computer invited in garage in the 1980s changed the world; what swept this planet in 1990s was definitely the Internet, and the next thing which is going to change the world and people’s lifestyle will be robots.

In the future that Saffo described, robots will mostly carry out unimportant tasks, and the half-human-half-robot “creatures” will be anywhere on this planet.

The poor won’t live as long as the rich

Saffo’s future world is so prosperous and fascinating, but the equal rights of humans will be meaningless talk thanks to high-tech, as it will rarely be expensive to use for most middle-income families.

Honestly, he said: “If the rich in future could live 20 years longer than common people, then they will get another 20 years to earn much more money. Thus, the fortune accumulated by ancestors would pass to following generations as well as their power and other advantages.

Then, what will the lives of the poor will be like?”

By People’s Daily Online


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