Nazi Germany Then And Israel Today

Netanyahu: Prepare for long struggle against Goldstone Gaza report

“The delegitimization [of Israel] must be delegitimized,” said Netanyahu at meetings Friday. He said the battle against the report, which accused both Israel and Hamas of war crimes, would be legal and diplomatic, adding that Israel should take the appropriate measures against it.  ~source

Memo to Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu: don’t you understand that the more you protest against this report, the guiltier Israel appears of having done everything of which this report accuses it of?

Apparently not.

And that statement about “…”The UN has returned to the dark days during which it equated Zionism with racism”; unfortunately, sir, the actions of Israel, through the persecution of Palestinians from settlers, from the IDF, and the relentless siege of Gaza, have made that remark a reality which Israel has brought on itself.

Want to get the world off you back?!? Start treating Palestinians as though they are real human beings, due full respect and dignity as such.

Open the gates of Gaza, and let the aid that needs to get to these impoverished and desperate people reach them.

Enter into a peace deal with the Palestinians which insures justice and peace for all.

The reason Israel has become almost universally condemned as a pariah state right now is because it is behaving like one.


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