New Footage of WTC 7 and North Tower Collapse

This footage of the WTC 7 and North Tower collapse recently appeared on YouTube. Note the vertical column of windows blown out just before the collapse on WTC 7. Remember, no plane hit WTC 7.

What you see is a 47 story building collapse at free fall speed. The official story would have you believe fire from a fuel tank in the boiler room caused this collapse. This is completely impossible, as survivor Barry Jennings has stated in his personal account. The simple fact of the matter is an unsymmetrical fire [1] could not cause a symmetric collapse of a modern steel buidling.

For me, the most convincing evidence that 9/11 was inside job is the fact BBC reported LIVE that the WTC 7 building had come down several minutes before it actually collapsed. Someone was feeding this story to the news media, and BBC reported too early. It is like watching the secret service being confused (throwing their hands out) about their instructions to leave the JFK motorcade only seconds before the President is shot. For me, in both cases, it is clear evidence that there was a conspiracy that involved criminal elements of our government, specifically intelligence services.

I believe that Flight 93 was supposed to target WTC7, but the plan failed because the plane’s departure was delayed 45 minutes, leading to a decision to abort the that part of the mission. The planners did not take into account of runway construction at Newark Airport and the did not have a Plan B. So fires were set in WTC7 and at 5:21PM, the buildings allegedly collapsed because of building fires or as Larry Silverstein said, the decision was made to “pull” it. If there were no explosives in the buildings, this is what an unsymmetrical collapse would look like:

[1]: There’s several examples of highrise fires that were further down, including the Empire State Building when it was hit by a plane and caught fire, but didn’t collapse. Even one of the Twin Towers caught fire in 1975, which started on the 11th floor, spread down to the 9th floor & up to the 16th floor & burned for over 3 hours. Temps during that blaze burned hotter than fires on 9/11. The 9/11 “collapses” (tower 1, 2, & 7) defied laws of physics & historical data.


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