What is the meaning of life?

The earth is not for the pleasure of man, but is a place of instruction for his soul. A man more readily feels the stirring of his spirit in the face of disaster than in the lap of luxury. The tuition of the soul is a long a arduous course of instruction and training.

MPR:3:37 – “Thus it is written in the Secret Books of Wisdom, which are revealed to the few. The body is a womb, life the days of conception, and death the birth of the soul. Is it not written that some shall bring forth monsters and fearful things, and some shall bear gods? These things are not beyond understanding.”

MPR:3:30 – “The one water is in all things, yet in all things it is different. So it is with the Great Soul and the souls of men. The wise man, who is conscious of his soul within him, will commune with it and never neglect its needs. For if a man cannot awaken his soul before his body falls asunder, he will not awaken it thereafter, and it will return to the waters of the Great Soul Sea.”

MPR:3:14 – “The soul is your to fashion; it can be made radiant by goodness, beautified by virtue and glorified by love. It can be hideously deformed by vices and passions and twisted into a form of distorted horror by meanness and hatred.”

MPR:3:19 – “The sold is not born, nor does it know itself as a soul. The purpose of its earthly journey is to awaken it to self-awareness and to provide it with the ability to continue existence in the Region Beyond the West. Therefore, how could it enter upon earthly life with these things? Were they already there, life and Earth would have no purpose.”

MPR:3:32 – “Rejoice in the sure knowledge of your soul’s indestructibility, but let your joy be leavened by remembrance of your responsiity for its condition.”

~ The Kolbrin Bible
Book of Moral and Precepts, The Bronzebook



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