Cheney’s CIA Secrets Leak Out

Cheney’s assassination squad run out of Pentagon;
allegedly targeted Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto could have been targeted by the CIA as part of its recently-exposed alleged assassination program, reports say. Congressional leaders are demanding answers on former VP Cheney and his reported orders to the CIA to conduct a secret mission to hunt down top al Qaeda operatives.

The US Senate is calling for a probe into whether former Vice President Dick Cheney ordered the concealment of clandestine CIA operations from Congress. Details of this rouge CIA operation have not been revealed to the public in the main stream media, but details are leaking out on alternative news sources like RussiaToday:

On Wednesday, Washington-based investigative journalist Wayne Madsen quoted US intelligence officials as making ‘prominent’ references to Bhutto as a probable target of the program.

“I spoke to several US intelligence officials who were telling me that this assassination team may have targeted politicians in other countries,” Madsen told Russia Today.

“One name mentioned prominently was former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto, who may have been a victim of this particular program.”


CIA death squads ‘copied Mossad’


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