Swine Flu Killing Fat People (Bloomberg)

Via: Bloomberg:

An unexpected characteristic has emerged among many swine flu victims who become severely ill: They are fat.

“Morbid obesity is one of the most common findings turning up in severely ill patients,” said Nikki Shindo, who is leading the investigation of swine flu patients at the WHO in Geneva. “It’s a huge problem.”

The World Health Organization states: ” The majority of those who died were pregnant, had asthma, diabetes or other chronic diseases…” A woman’s immune system is depressed during pregnancy (so that the mother’s immune system won’t reject the baby) and that seriously obese people tend to also have health problems, such as asthma or diabetes.

The common thread in all of these conditions appears to me to be that swine flu killed people whose bodies were stressed – either by illness, extreme obesity or pregnancy. The bottom line in this study is quite clear: Don’t be obese during the next pandemic.


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