UPDATE: Texas cop uses Taser on 72-year-old great grandmother

UPDATE: Below is the story as it was originally reported. Now the pictures from a camera on the police car dashboard reveal a different story. Watch the angry exchange between Kathryn Winkfein and the arresting officer in Austin, Texas just before he warns the woman she will be tased.

A Travis County Constable used his Taser gun on a 72-year-old great grandmother after she refused to sign a speeding ticket.

The cop claims he was forced to defend himself because Kathryn Winkfein “got violent” in her refusal to sign the ticket.

The cop said she also used profanity, making him fear for his life.

Winkfein told an Austin news crew in the above video that the entire report was based on lies.

A dashboard camera which recorded the incident will eventually tell the truth. It is being reviewed by the county attorney.

Regardless of what the video shows, there is no law against refusing to sign a speeding ticket in Texas, according to Civil Liberties Examiner J.D. Tuccille.

And it is highly questionable why a deputy would resort to using a Taser on an elderly woman who has never been arrested, especially considering there is a higher risk of killing an elderly person.

Last year, Jared Massey of Utah won a $40,000 settlement after the following video emerged showing how he was Tasered for refusing to sign a speeding ticket.


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