Blackwater Still Working in Iraq for John McCain-linked ‘Non-Profit’

A new lawsuit reveals that the notorious mercenary firm is working, under a different name, for the International Republican Institute in Iraq.

As Blackwater gets sued again for an alleged civilian killing in Iraq, new allegations surface about the company’s continued presence there—using different corporate names and using affiliate companies like Greystone. Attorney Susan Burke has revealed Blackwater (now named Xe) is working for a “non-profit” organization, started under the Reagan administration, with a history of interference in internal affairs and elections of various nations, including allegations it helped foment a coup in Haiti: the International Republican Institute.

IRI is also closely linked to Sen. John McCain. According to IRI’s vice president, “Since the summer of 2003, IRI has conducted a multi-faceted program aimed at promoting democracy in Iraq. [READ MORE]


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