Max Keiser: Audit The Fed Baby!

Who was behind 9-11?

Near the end of this video, Max lets the answer slip out. All the records of the SEC to account for naked short selling by the top New York Banks were held in World Trade Center building seven. Max has maintained from day one (that would be 9/12/01) that WTC7 was the main target that fateful day.

Seriously, which is more believable?

…a bunch of ill-trained, drunk, horny, and stupid Muslims hijacking and infiltrating the most secure defense and intelligence system in the world


…psychopath officers in political, corporate, military, media, intelligence along with foreign government and international bankers collaborating together to commit atrocious attacks on its own country to justify the massive military and geopolitical agenda in Middle East and hide evidence of massive banking fraud on Wall Street?

You decide.


One thought on “Max Keiser: Audit The Fed Baby!

  1. I think we’ve neared the end of reason…at this point, it’s not real to a lot of people what’s coming down the pike. They think it’s all fun n’ games. Let’s protest, yell, picket – go home. It’s not like that. Our government has effectively declared war on its own citizens and have absolutely no qualms with running the streets red with our blood to further its fascist agenda…they do it all the time…

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