How to Prepare for (and Survive) Any Pandemic – Audio Program

Swine flu has now infected all 50 states in the USA, the CDC now reports. Worldwide, infections now exceed 100,000 people, and the World Health Organization (WHO) is openly concerned that this widely-circulating H1N1 viral strain may combine with seasonal flu strains to create a highly-infectious and increasingly deadly strain that leads to a deadly global pandemic.

Over a hundred tips and strategies for surviving the next great pandemic – Here is a link to an unique audio recording (a three-hour teleconference) put audio CD by Truth Publishing. It is a tell-all discussion between two preparedness experts, each coming from a different point of view on health. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor and Dr. Sheldon Marks.

Dr Marks is a preparedness expert who worked with local SWAT teams in Arizonia and has taught emergency medicine to law enforcement groups. Also Dr. Marks is NOT an “alternative medicine practitioner” and that simply means he’s very familiar with preparedness primarily from a conventional medician point of view.

> How to Survive (and Prepare for) Any Pandemic

Remember: This is the kind of information that turns FEAR into CONFIDENCE, giving you the confidence to prepare for (and survive) almost any pandemic, social chaos scenario or even a natural disaster.

Avian Flu response is part of NorthCom’s mission

Dr. True Ott has warned a global influenza pandemic with a bioengineered blend of the “recreated” H7N3 (“Spanish”) flu and the H5N1 (“avian”) flu is coming and will infect millions. See his Bird Flu Hoax video on YouTube, here is the Power Point if you wish to follow along.


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