Anarchy of Language (when words lose thier meaning)

And we are behind the looking glass, my friends. When no common agreement can be reached on what a word means, mere anarchy is loosed upon the world — and I don’t mean anarchism, which is a self-organizing system seeking a natural order. I mean the inability to communicate through language because words have no fixed meaning thus there is no longer the possibility of reasoned discussion, only of spin and propaganda.

This comment comes about because I objected to usage of the English word “marriage” — which has a customary meaning of a union between men and women (requiring at least one of each) for the purposes of sexual congress and procreation — being revised to include same-sex unions which, without bringing in a third party of the opposite sex — are incapable of either sexual congress or procreation.

It’s not just the question of whether same-sex couples can demand that I use the term “marriage” in referring to their partnering. What really gets my goat is the former Vice President of the United States asking us to regard drowning a hogtied prisoner not as “torture” but as “enhanced interrogation.”

My answer to this is simple, if drowning a prisoner is “enhanced” interrogation then rape is “enhanced” dating and a firing squad is “enhanced” target practice.

When war became unpopular they stopped calling it war and started calling it “police actions.” When it became inconvenient for organized criminals who owned banks to steal our gold they replaced the meaning of the word “money” so it no longer meant gold but meant engraved paper … and later just symbols on a computer display.

When trials became inconvenient to decide if someone suspected of conspiring to commit terrorist acts was either a prisoner of war or a criminally accused, they did away with such inconvenient truths and “enemy combatants” were created out of thin air.

If we abandon the customary usages of words and let anybody come along and create new definitions any time it suits their purpose, we lose our history, our customs, our ability to argue against any aggressive linguistic virus that is spread by those who wish to infect us with their own toxic usages.

Do you start to get an inkling of the problem?


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