14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism

From article “Fascism Anyone?” written by Political scientist Dr. Lawrence Britt who studied the fascist regimes of Hitler (Germany), Mussolini (Italy), and Franco (Spain).

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Although this animation continues to peddle the phony left/right paradigm, it is nonetheless an interesting and enlightening look back at the state of the US Government under the Bush administration and then compare that to what we see under Obama.  Where is the change we can believe in?

Question: How long does it take a mild-mannered, anti-war, black professor of constitutional law, to become an enthusiastic sponsor of targeted assassinations, a ‘preventive detention‘ system, claim rights of  ‘sovereign immunity‘ for spying, embrace ‘decapitation’ strategies and remote-control bombing of mud houses at the far end of the globe? Answer: Obama morphs into Dick Cheney in less than 100 days.

Typical of the left, the author of this video can’t see the forest for the trees. He is pointing out anecdotal characteristics of some fascist regimes but sheds no light on the root causes for Fascism. In the first place, in the spectrum of political systems, Fascims and Communism actually meet on common ground. The modus operandi of both are to make the individual subservient to the collective.

We are heading for a merger of Fascist and Communism here in the U.S. because of the centralizaion of power in the Federal Government. This is done via oppressive taxation, oppressive government regulation of free enterprise activity the demonizatin by the government of certain types of opinions, usually contained in some representation of the media as well as other factors. Only a return to States Rights can stem the tide.

The only thing that will protect us from the New World Order is the system that our Founding Fathers set up; a free-enterprise system where people are free to pursue their own interests with minimal interference from the government. What people don’t see is that without econominc freedom, there can be no civil freedom or liberties. These are both inextricably realated. The Communist or Leftist just pays lip-service to the concept of “freedom” because all he or she is accomplishing is the undermining of the only system that supports individual freedom. The Founding Fathers were Libertarians.


One thought on “14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism

  1. Many people think Cheney is scare-mongering and owes President Obama his support or at least his silence. But there is a different problem I see with Cheney’s criticisms: his premise that the Obama administration has reversed Bush-era policies is largely wrong. The truth is closer to the opposite: The new administration has copied most of the Bush program, has expanded some of it, and has narrowed only a bit. Almost all of the Obama changes have been at the level of packaging, argumentation, symbol, and rhetoric.

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