Mark Dice on ABC news talking about the Illuminati

Mark Dice’s new 415 page book, The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction separates and analyzes the various claims and evidence about the Illuminati, their history, beliefs, members, organizations, and activities. This is a supplement for Mark’s previous book, The Resistance Manifesto, which focuses more on the New World Order, the 9/11 attacks, Big Brother, and how the political agendas of the elite are fulfilling Bible prophecy. 
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The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction focuses more on the Illuminati secret society and historical evidence pointing to its existence and actions. The trail of information discussing the Illuminati is traced back to the original sources, as each one is analyzed with regards to its authorship and the information found in each source. This book is also about debunking various frauds, exaggerations, and disinformation involving the organization and also highlights the rare instances that the Illuminati or subsidiary organizations are mentioned in mainstream media or incorporated into fictional films, books, and TV shows.

The deeper one goes down the rabbit hole, the more bizarre the information becomes. When one is new to this path, what appears to be a misunderstanding, an exaggeration, or a lie, often is found to be factual and thoroughly documented by reliable sources. In this book Mark Dice has taken an objective and skeptical view of the topic and has sifted through the volumes of information to get to the truth and the sources which lead to its discovery so we can leave the fiction, distortions and lies by the wayside and not be fooled or distracted by them. As the cliché goes, the truth is stranger than fiction.


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