Food Shortage of Biblical Proportions

We have the perfect storm brewing:

(1) No bridge credit for farmers to get their crops in this year due to the credit crisis, resulting in many farmers not planting this season;
(2) Farmers in Colorado, Texas, and possibly other states not planting this season because they cannot get as much for their crops as it costs to produce them;
(3) Foreign countries shutting down exports of food to the U.S. (which is a net 15% food importer as of today) due to crop failures and food shortages in their own countries;
(4) A daily devaluing dollar that will not buy as much foreign food as it used to, with the high probability of runaway inflation once foreign countries are no longer willing or able to subsidize our debt, which will further decrease purchasing power and increase food prices;
(5) No export restrictions on American farmers, who can and do sell their crops to foreigners who will pay more for them than Americans will, with the result that our production goes overseas and not to us;
(6) Pending legislation that may soon may make it much more difficult to farm and/or will shut down organic farms, farmer’s markets and possibly home gardens in the near future;
(7) The potential of a flu pandemic with potential quarantines and consequent cessation of shipping and ability to shop; and, now, for the piece de resistance,
(8) California shutting down irrigation to farmers in the Central Valley, thereby killing off the source of much of our fruit and vegetables, to save the allegedly endangered smelt! All of these circumstances, documented in mainstream media, point to very little food being available this fall, and with what will be available being very expensive.

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