Oath Keepers vs. oath breakers

WASHINGTON – A fugitive animal rights activist believed to be hiding outside the United States has become the first domestic terror suspect named to the FBI’s list of “Most Wanted” terrorist

What’s this? While the Department of Homeland Stupidity is moaning about possible right wing extremists, according to the FBI the left wing is doing the actual bombing of buildings. Does the left hand not know what the right hand knows?

Right wing groups, such as the TEA parties, and the Oath Keepers have proven to be very polite. No wild antics accompanied their protests except from left wing loons who were counter protesting. I would note that it is not from a lack of capability either. Rather, it is because these people have principles, embodied in the Constitution. It’s high time Americans had a chance to look at Oath Keepers side-by-side against oath breakers, and see for themselves how they compare.


Video Recap of Oath Keepers Muster on The Lexington Green


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