CNN Reporter Harassing Protester at Chicago “Tea-Party” Screams at Protester

CNN Reporter Susan Roesgen get surrounded by ‘Anti-CNN’ crowd Chicago “Tea-Party” She gets in a confortation with a man.

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From the start of his political career, Obama seems to have modeled himself on Lincoln. Both were born in other states – Hawaii for Obama (or so we are told), Kentucky for Lincoln – before settling in Illinois. Each became a lawyer then served in the state legislature before serving a single term in Congress. Each rocketed onto the national political stage with powerful speeches and became commander-in-chief without any military experience. 

The man in the video is talking about how Obama compares himself
to Lincoln (as he has over and over again) but when he bring up the word “liberty”  that is when the female report off… she wants to know what this has to do with taxes… well, let me answer that…

…it was under Lincoln that several bad precedence were set, one was the power to tax people on their income (although this was intended to be a temporary measure) it open the door for the Federal government to tax the America people in times of peace… THANKS MR. LINCOLN !!!

There were more precedence set under “Ole Honest Abe” than the income tax, let’s not forget was Lincoln who sent Federal troops into sovereign states thus provoking a civil war… this is one comparision to Lincoln that Obama does not want. But the fact is, NorthCom is not being set-up to adminster the American people under their military command–which is merely a soft form of Martial Law–and this is happening now! And this “reporter” wants to know what Lincoln and “liberty” have to do with a tax protest against Obama?


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