Baptist pastor beaten + tazed by Border patrol – 11 stitches

NOTE: This happened at the CALIFORNIA / ARIZONA border crossing, this is NOT an INTERNATIONAL BORDER

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One thought on “Baptist pastor beaten + tazed by Border patrol – 11 stitches

  1. > unbelievable! Makes we wonder how
    > far we will let ourselves be pushed. Guess
    > lots of people would just say he should
    > have just answered the questions but
    > they miss the point that we dont HAVE to.

    You are correct.

    I have found that there are three kinds of people
    in the world, the cowards, the courageous, and
    the nice people in between. The coward will call
    the courageous a fool for not accepting the “reality”
    of his slavery… and the coward is correct… only a
    fool would think himself free in America today.

    While I see the “reality” argument of the coward,
    I also reject it. You see, what most people call
    reality is really just the consensus opinion, and
    that so-called reality does not equal Truth.

    An abusive government can always count on the
    “consensus reality” of cowards to defend it’s
    illegal and criminal actions. First, we rationalize
    the waterboarding of Afghan goat farmers who
    screwed-over their neighbors and next thing
    you know we will justify the torture of a Baptist
    preacher at an inter-state check point. Those
    who place higher value on their emotional need
    for an illusionary sense of security will quickly
    relinquish their civil liberties (and your as well).

    Consensus reality is not Truth. Rather, it is
    whatever serves the selfish and the coward
    at any given moment. The man or woman of
    courage looks beyond so-called “reality”
    in search something higher than themselves,
    they look toward Truth to guide their right action.

    Consensus reality is not Truth, and therefore it
    can never produce Right Action or Righteousness.
    While a majority of the people may feel it reasonable
    to relinquish their civil liberties in exchange for the
    prospect of greater security… history has show time
    and time again, those who do will lose both.

    Truth is a far above reality as God is above self,
    and it’s high time the nice people being misled by
    the cowardly “consensus reality” wake-up and
    follow the example of the courageous.

    This country needs a spiritual reformation more
    than it needs a political revolution… the problem
    is the churches are full of nice people being misled
    by cowards… and they have lost sight of what
    it means to seek Truth and follow Righteousness.

    The Constitution is the Highest Law of the Land,
    and those who disregard it are breaking the law.
    That is the plain and simple Truth, and failure
    to understand that only breeds unrighteousness.
    Can our nation prosper in such a state? It is time
    the churches preach the Constitution as they do
    the gospel, sadly it seems they have lost sight
    of both a lot time ago.

    Pastor Anderson, reclaiming our liberty is the
    only hope the world has. America has fallen
    into the ‘Old World Order’ of tryanny, and now
    the rest of humanity will be enslaved right along
    with every cowardly American. Righteous civil
    disobedience is the only thing that can reverse
    things and restore freedom. Thank you for leading
    by example, thank you for living your faith as a
    man of courage. If more Christians lived their faith
    as you do, we wouldn’t be in this mess.


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