Glenn Beck Fails Miserably To Debunk Facts On FEMA Camp Infrastructure

Beck and his so called independent researcher James Meigs debunked claims that no serious researchers are actually citing as proof of FEMA camps. Clearly, Beck and Meigs are conspiracy theorists because they willifully refuse to address several key facts that reveal how there is infrastructure already in place that the government could use to house large numbers of American citizens.  Beck and Meigs selectively chose information that fit the phony world view that they are trying to promote and brainwash people with. 

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In both segments on the FEMA camp issue Beck and Meigs do not address the following facts.


The Miami Herald and other publications in 1987 reported on continuity of government plans that included the creation of FEMA run detention facilities.

(Source) (Source)The Miami Herald report was mentioned during the Iran-Contra hearings when Congressman Jack Brooks questioned Oliver North about his involvement in continuity of government operations.

(Source)George W. Bush signed legislation preserving Japanese internment camps that were used during World War II to house thousands of Japanese Americans.

(Source)Halliburton signed a multi-million dollar contract with the government to build detention facilities under the guise of housing illegal aliens. 

(Source)HR 645 otherwise known as the National Emergency Centers Act would legalize and authorize pre-existing infrastructure to be used as FEMA camps. It would also allow new infrastructure to be built on open or closed military bases to be used as so called national emergency facilities. 


Army Regulation 210-35 or the Army’s Civilian Inmate Labor Program is readily available on the Army’s web site in PDF format. The regulation outlines drafted plans to setup forced labor camps for civilian prisoners.

(Source)FEMA has openly announced that they are looking at ways to transport large quantities of people via train which is the same mode of transportation used by the Nazis to transport Jews and dissidents to concentration camps during World War II.

(Source)If either Beck or Meigs were legitimate researchers, they would have at least addressed these issues and attempted to debunk them. Of course, there was no such attempt by either Beck or Meigs to do this and even more curious is that Beck didn’t even give real FEMA camp researchers the time of day on the show. This completely discredits Fox’s claim of Fair and Balanced news coverage as these segments were totally one sided and as unbalanced as they come.

Meigs himself who is the Editor and Chief of Popular Mechanics was selected a few years back to debunk credible research that has been done on the 9/11 attacks that clearly indicate that the official story is a lie. Just like he did with the FEMA camps, Meigs and his cronies selectively handpicked information that fit in with their world view and ignored all of the credible evidence that destroys the official story. Simply put, Meigs has no credibility and the fact that Beck called this man an independent researcher is a complete joke.

All the evidence indicates that the infrastructure for government run detention facilities are in place and with HR 645, they want to expand it. If Beck and Meigs actually told the truth about 9/11 or the FEMA camps they would be in the unemployment lines. After all, Beck doesn’t get paid millions of dollars to tell the truth, he gets paid millions of dollars to not tell the truth. 


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During the Iran Contra hearings in the 1980s, the existence of a plan called Readiness Exercise 84 (Rex 84) was revealed. Rex 84 outlined a plan for concentration camps which would be placed under the operational control of FEMA should martial law need to be implemented. It is a matter of public record that a number of these concentration camps do exist.

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