Sean Hannity admits “Conspiracy Nutjobs” were Right about Globalist’s plans for a New World Order

In the video here, the former Clintonite Dick Morris, who is now a darling of Fox News, tells Sean Hannity the globalists will put the “American economy under international regulation” and “those people who have been yelling, oh, the UN is going to take over… they’ve been crazy, but now they’re right.”

“Those conspiracy people,” Sean Hannity interjects, “had suggested that for years… you’re not wrong.” It’s the “international regulation of the financial institutions” we have to worry about, warns Dick Morris. It will happen under “IMF control… Remember, the IMF is run by the Europeans and backed by Americans.”

It seems all the Right Wing talk show morans are now jumping on this bandwagon. A prime example being Glenn Beck who is watching his ratings soar since he picked up the flag. But is this just because Obama is President? Where were they when we were screaming about this during the Bush Administration?  And what else has the Tinfoil hat crowd been right about? Are they finally opening up their eyes or is this just about ratings?

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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