Audio: TSA thugs illegally detain and threaten Ron Paul supporter for having too much cash on his person.

St. Louis Airport TSA thugs threaten Ron Paul supporter and campaign employee Steve Bierfeldt for carrying cash. In a covert audio recording made by the victim TSA agents become angry when he refuses to grovel at their feet and threaten him repeatedly.

Steve Bierfeldt tells Judge Napolitano he was concerned for his safety since Missouri law enforcement had just issued a warning that anyone involved in conservative politics should be considered a threat to national security.

Video: Man threaten and detained for carrying cash by TSA

Missouri says “heat is off’ will not investigate MIAC Report.

Mike Ferguson tells Andrew Napolitano that a Missouri state senator said the media heat is off on the MIAC story and an investigation will not be necessary.

“I personally spoke with two members of the legislature this morning and all of them told me there is no investigation planned. One senators office actually went as far to said the media is letting up on it. It’s an old story where in the clear now. We don’t need to worry about an investigation.” Said Mike Ferguson

Video: Judge Napolitano speaks with Mike Ferguson MO. Libertarian Party




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