Ann Coulter endorses Ron Paul in 2012

Ann Coulter appeared on FOX’s semi-humorous comedy program “Red Eye” the other day and named Ron Paul as her choice for President in 2012. It may have been meant as sarcasm but it was difficult to tell. After all, at one point she said she’d support Hillary Clinton if McCain was the GOP nominee.

When told that Ron Paul will be “in his eighties” (which is not true) she said under her breath, “Someone like Ron Paul”. Coulter has also been known to say things that really annoy some on the left, but I like when she gets Ron Paul’s name out there, even if it is in jest.

Sadly, when George W. Bush says he’s a “free market guy” that becomes the best argument against the Free Market. And when Ann Coulter says she’s a Ron Paul girl…that becomes the best argument against Ron Paul.

I do not take this ‘endorsement’ so much as a politically and media savvy move on Ms. Coulter’s part. She simply recognizes that the Ron Paul Republicans will be solidly in control of the GOP by 2012, and is taking the first steps to ensure her ‘fanbase’ for the next 4 years in much the same way Glenn Beck has done.

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