The Obama Deception Extra: The Two Party Dictatorship


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If you prefer to drink Mt Drew or Dr. Pepper then you are living outside the Coke vs Pepsi dialectic. However, if you hold a firm opinion about Coke being the best cola, or if feel strongly that Pepsi is better, then I submit you have fallen victim to the Cola Dialectic.The term “dialectic” means debate or discourse regarding two opposing ideas—like Coke vs Pepsi or Republic vs Democrat, or liberal vs conservative, or Libertarian Party vs. Green Party, or Fascist vs Community. These are examples of dialectic conflicts. My objective here is to get you to think outside the dialectic box, I want to change your perspective, to give you a big picture view of geo-political ideologies so that you can clearly see this false paradigm for what it is—a false choice that limits human freedom and seeks to restrict your liberty. Coke and Pepsi are not your only choice in life.

Individual rights versus community rights is the most ignored topic of the 21st century, and possibly the most important debate in American history. Maybe it’s time we have that discussion…

The Founding Fathers, men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams were all great champions of individual liberty. Today virtually all our political leaders are collectivist who champion community rights and group rights. Where is the voice for individual liberty today? Let me answer that question, that answer is you. If you are the champion of your own individual rights then who is? Are you waiting for Political Action Committee to be financed by Wal-Mart or Tyson to they can send lobbyist to Washington D.C. and fight for your Civil Liberties? It’s not going happen.

It is time to wake up! The choice between big government Republicans and big government Democrates is a false paradigm, it is a false choice which ensures one thing—big government. On the one hand the conservatives support greater military spending, while on the other hand liberal support social entitlement programs, and the result is government out of control. Most of America wants less government and more freedom, but we are not give this option—not really. Instead we are given the dialectic false choice red vs blue—when you mix red and blue paint you get purple, if you mix red and blue light you get green. Green is the color of money—and it is green, or money that really determines policy and drives political ambitions in this country.

If you don’t have the green you left out in the cold—left to turn purple—leave to rot. And our system is rotten. Like a fish, it is rotting from the head down. Our political leaders have been corrupted by the color of money. And we have fooled by a false paradigm of republican vs democrat. The real choicee is liberty vs tranny, more government and less freedom or less government and more freedom. Which do you choose?


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