Lt. Gov. Kinder calls for DPS director to be placed on leave

Following a disturbing report from the Missouri Department of Public Safety which point to Christians, pro-life advocates as “threats to public safety,” Lt. Gov. Kinder called for DPS Director to be placed on administrative leave. This after an anonymous police officer in Missouri sent the MIAC report to Alex Jones and his flagship websites posted the report and commentary, the corporate media covered the story without providing attribution to Jones or his journalists. The corporate media coverage reached a crescendo when Fox News host Glenn Beck mentioned the MIAC report on March 23. Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh also mentioned the report.

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I wish to hell one of these guys would mention, along with Christians, Anti-Abortion and Anti-Illegals, that MILITIA IS NOT A BAD THING. He apologizes for linking people with Militia as if that’s some sort of crime. THE CONSTITUTION RECOGNIZES AND DEMANDS A CITIZEN MILITIA. Christ on a crutch, you’d think that they believe any American who owns a weapon, knows how to use it and is willing to pick it up in defense against invasion or Tyranny was a threat. Oh, right. corrupt Government. My bad.

Appearing on the Alex Jones Show on March 19, founder-pastor of Crossroad Baptist Church and presidential nominee Chuck Baldwin announced he had collaborated with Barr and Paul on a letter that was subsequently sent to public officials in Missouri. Infowars and Prison Planet posted the letter on March 23. Ron Paul appeared on Back’s show and attempted to minimize the report. “Well, it may be a backhanded compliment, because a lot of us have worked real hard to change our government,” said Paul.


Earlier this month, Missouri governor Jay Nixon went public with his support of the report. On March March 26, Nixon did an abrupt turn-around and distanced himself from the report. “I was not governor when the MIAC was formed,” Nixon said. “I was not governor, I did not hire any of the people there and nobody in my administration — the director of public safety — saw this stuff before it went out,” reports Prime Buzz. “Under a previous system, MIAC would prepare and distribute these reports to law enforcement agencies without review or approval from the colonel of the Highway Patrol or the director of Public Safety,” Nixon said. “That’s simply not acceptable.”


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